Having an outdoor kitchen in Arizona is about as important as having a swimming pool. It is a feature that can be enjoyed year round and is a great way to gather family and friends together for a meal. But most homeowners begin to lose interest in their grill when it’s time for a good cleaning. Either they decide to stop using the grill as often or they decide to use a harsh chemical to try to avoid the effort involved in scrubbing the grill clean by hand. But now there is another option that is simple, does not require harsh chemical and is environmentally friendly.

The Only Items You Need Are Already In Your Kitchen

All you need to easily clean your grill grates are a few items that are already in your kitchen and cost almost nothing. First, you need a lemon and some table salt. Next, carefully slice the lemon in half, from end to end. It is important to cut the lemon from end to end so that you have a larger surface area.

Then, holding the lemon by the rind side, squeeze it gently so that it produces enough juice to moisten the entire cut surface. Next, sprinkle about a tablespoon of salt evenly over each half of the lemon and wait long enough for the juice to moisten the salt to help it adhere to the surface of the lemon. Finally, gently scrub the grilling surface with the salt covered lemon just as you would with a sponge.

The acidity of the lemon and the grit of the salt will break down any grease and loosen any partials which were cooked onto the grates. After scrubbing the entire grilling surface with the lemon, use a damp towel to wipe the grate clean and another towel to dry the grates.

A Tip For A Non-Stick Grilling Surface

To make grill clean-up even easier there is a simple and affordable trick to make the grates non-stick. Simply cut a regular potato in half and after the grill is fully heated, rub the cut side of the potato across the entire grilling surface. This will coat the grate and keep food from sticking. If you do not have a potato a halved onion or a halved lemon will work, but both of those items can leave a small amount of flavored residue on the grilling surface.

Try both of these tips to make grill clean up easier and safer for your grilling surface and the environment.