Edible landscaping will always make your landscaping unique, textured, and interesting. It is one of the most fun and interesting things that you can do to your landscaping in Phoenix or the surrounding area.

Edible landscaping is basically utilizing some of the more beautiful plants that also produce — or are — edible products. The fundamental Phoenix landscaping projects aren’t edible but in Arizona the use of edible plants can provide nearly year round fresh produce or fruits, or could be used as a home for birds and butterflies. The bird and butterfly gardens which are a reasonable choice for year round landscaping venues including Phoenix can provide not just some kinds of edible produce for you, but can also provide you with things like wildlife coming in to your gardens.

Your edible landscaping will actually fit into any kind of landscaping and may be done in in whatever way you want. Many fruit bearing trees are going to be hardy and tolerate, even in the Arizona heat.

When it comes time for you to plant edible landscaping you can use a wide range of different plants, most of them tolerant in nearly any area, including the Phoenix area. Phoenix landscaping presents challenges in several ways and finding edible plants that are drought resistant is one of those challenges but a wide variety are offered to you. Your style and also the more native plants to your area will be two of the ways you want to select. Prickly pear cactus is going to be one of the most often used edible plants in landscaping in the Phoenix area.

Blueberry bushes and choke berries, which are remarkably tolerant to both heat and cold, must also be considered. There are also a variety of herbs that only need a small amount of water to help keep them going and can tolerate heat well. Many herbs will grow well in rocky areas such as Phoenix offers and be heat tolerant, but requires some degree of watering. Herbs including sage and rosemary offer a shrub like ground cover as well as provide you with excellent returns in fresh ingredients for your table.

Although it probably should be, edible landscaping is not often considered. A good way to beautify your Phoenix area property and obtain fresh herbs and produce regularly is to use edible landscaping.