Automated Chemical Control

Adding chemical automation to your pool can take the headaches, backaches and overall mess out of keeping your pool’s water chemistry in harmony. If you are unfamiliar, chemical automation is the automatic monitoring and control of the sanitizer and pH levels in pool water.

Better Water, More Savings and Less Hassle

Besides automatically maintaining clean and safe water, chemical automation can help prevent harmful corrosion, scaling and bacterial growth from occurring in your pool. Automating your chemical management can also generate significant savings on the cost of chemicals, maintenance and repairs. Plus, keeping your water properly balanced and sanitized makes your pool much more inviting.

Perfect Water Without The Work

Products like Pentair’s IntelliChem® Chemical Controller act as the “brain” of your pool’s chemical management and handle all of your pool’s chemical monitoring and adjustments. These type of chemical controllers automatically monitor, record and display your pool’s pH and sanitizer levels and deliver just the right amount of chemicals at just the right time to achieve consistent water chemistry.

Pair the IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorinator with IntelliChem® Chemical Controller and you get a one-two punch in water chemistry control. When combined, these two products deliver the precise amount of chemicals to keep pool water clean, safe, clear and in perfect balance…automatically!

For the ultimate in streamlined control and convenience, pair these with an EasyTouch® or IntelliTouch® Pool Control System. Add a ScreenLogic2 Interface, and enjoy pool and spa control using an iPhone®, iPad® or Ipad touch® mobile digital device, Mac® computer or PC, anywhere…anytime.