The perfect Arizona pool package includes 5 must-have items. This perfect UNIQUE pool looks amazing thank to these five features.

As summer approaches, many homeowners are deciding that this is the year they are going to treat themselves and their family to a new swimming pool. But there are so many options and decisions to make that many homeowners become overwhelmed and let another summer slip by without getting their dream pool. However, there is a simple solution to this huge dilemma. All homeowners need to do is be sure to include the following five must-haves in their pool.

A new swimming pool is a major investment and one that you need to give a little bit of thought to before signing on the dotted line. So be certain to include these five must-haves in your Arizona pool package:

  1. In-floor Cleaning System
  2. Automated Sanitation
  3. In Pool Lighting
  4. A Fun Water Feature/Slide or Fountain Jets
  5. Heater

These items might sound confusing or even unnecessary, but all of these five must-have features will ensure that you and your entire family will enjoy your Arizona pool package for years to come. After all, your goal is to create a fun and relaxing swimming pool to enjoy this summer and every summer, not to add to the mounting number of items on your to-do list each week.

Including Automation In Your Arizona Pool Package   

Automation provides peace of mind, so owners know that their pool water will be safe and ready for fun all day every day!

Adding an automated water treatment system of technologies to your Arizona pool package means that you never have to worry about the pH or chlorine level in the pool. The smart technology of these systems determines, in real time, the greatest need of the pool water and how best to correct it. An analysis of the water can trigger the function of the salt chlorine generator or liquid chlorine as well as additional filtration so that your pool is always ready to enjoy. Including an in-floor cleaning system will eliminate the other most time-consuming portion of pool maintenance. The cleaning heads will function on a time and keep your pool clean and ready for you to enjoy.

Enjoy Your Pool Both Night And Day

As the sun sets, your pool will become the jewel of your outdoor living space thanks to lighting and jet features. In addition, lighting will ensure guests can easily enter and exit your pool without the worry of an accident.

As you are thinking about your dream pool, be sure to include all of the great features that will add to your fun and enjoyment. A great slide or baja step will provide hours of fun for your kids and will also be fun for the adults. A natural stone waterfall makes a great focal point for your entire outdoor living area and will provide the very tranquil sound of moving water to enjoy even when you are not in the pool. And to add to the impact of your entire outdoor living space consider adding water jets to your pool deck. And adding lighting to the pool is certain to enhance its functionality at night and turn it into the center of attention as the sun goes down and the lights show begins.

Don’t Forget The Heater In Your Arizona Pool Package

Staying active and enjoying the outdoors is a great benefit when living in Phoenix. The mild winters in Phoenix mean that you can enjoy your pool year round as long as you plan ahead and add a pool heater to your pool package.

Even though summer is just around the corner and you are thinking about cooling off in the refreshing water of your new pool, don’t forget that the cool winter weather will return. And without a pool heater, you will only be able to look longingly at your pool and remember all of the fun you had over the summer. But with the addition of a heater, you could be enjoying all of the benefits of your brand new UNIQUE Arizona pool package and all of its features year round. To learn more about these five must-have features for your new swimming pool, contact the design team at Unique for a free consultation and to learn more about the process of bringing your dream to life.