Perched on the side of a mountain, this modern loft style home is complemented by the UNIQUE outdoor living space built by Chris Griffin. The lines in the terraced patio areas as well as the negative edge pool anchor architecture of the home to the outdoor living space; while the use of a native plant palette created the visual connection to the natural mountain setting while also introducing texture and color to the otherwise neutral tones of the home.
The outdoor living areas mimic the interior of the home with a wide open feeling of space but with subtle yet distinctly separate living spaces. Privacy is achieved with a wall that in no way feels confining or diminishes the spectacular view from the lounge area. The outdoor dining and fire pit area is large enough to accommodate a dozen guests but still provides an intimate setting that works well for a quiet dinner for two. As the sun sets and the lights of the city begin to glow, every seating area offers a prime spot to take in the magnificent view. The rich cobalt blue of the pool mirrors the blue of the night sky as you enjoy Arizona living at its best.