“WATER FEATURES” – BRIEF OVERVIEW: Water features can be made of many different materials from natural rocks to block, concrete and tile. There are many ways to install and build water features, and the process usually takes a few days to complete. This is the time in the project in which we are integrating the water feature, waterfall, or fountain into your swimming pool. This step can be done BEFORE or AFTER the decking & waterline tile. The order of these events depends on many variable so do not be overly concerned about the order and simply enjoy watching this phase of the project come to life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I do not like the water feature?

Probably our most asked question, and UNIQUE takes great pride in making all of our water features look the way YOU want them to. Your UNIQUE designer should have shown you some photos or a detailed design of the water feature prior to the beginning of construction. However, as they are each custom built, please voice your concern immediately if there is something about the water feature that you do not like. Generally, if you let us know about your concern quickly, then we can come up with a reasonable solution to correct the issue.

We DO NOT want you to be unhappy with the finishing touches of the pool because these features are what you will be looking at for years to come. Please communicate what you do not like so that we have every opportunity to correct it and ensure that you are happy with every aspect of your project.

Is it too late to add to the size or impact of my water feature?

Odds are, we have probably ordered the proper materials to build your waterfall or feature. But based on our philosophy that your “SATISFACTION” is our priority, we will do everything that we possibly can to accommodate your desires.



Duration: 5 to 9 days depending on size and scope

Notes: This phase requires an extended amount of time because of the complex nature and steps involved in artificial rock work. We ask that you remain patient during this process.  Also, because this is not natural rock, it requires some managing of expectations regarding what to expect, and how to maintain your water feature and slide over the years to come.

SETTING EXPECTATIONS – UNIQUE would like to set some expectations for you regarding the future maintenance of your water feature and slide.

  • Your concrete slide is designed and built to provide many years of service. However, with all concrete structures, small cracks may occur. These cracks are normal, and will not compromise the integrity of the slide. The downside is that the cracks may hold water in them and cause a deposit of efflorescence. Efflorescence appears as white streaks or “calcium-like” build up at the crack. This is, of course, exaggerated by the “hardness” of the water here in the Valley.
  • These deposits can be removed by scrubbing with a synthetic or plastic “scotchbrite” sponge pad.  These are the same pads used to scrub Teflon pots and pans and they will not cause damage to your slide. Do not use metallic scouring pads or brushes, as they are too aggressive and will remove the clear sealer. Another household product which may help is CLR (calcium, lime, rust) which is available at most grocery stores. Follow the directions on the container for surface cleaning and then rinse with fresh water. Scrubbing these areas should keep your slide useable, but it may need to be re-sealed.
  • The slide is colored using concrete stain and sealed using a clear, high-gloss, “high solids” concrete sealer. This sealer is designed for high traffic floors and is quite durable. It will keep its gloss for many years, but it could require re-application if slide is worn or surface cracks need to be sealed. This step can be required 2-3 years from construction or possibly longer.

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At any time you can contact your project scheduler and/or check your ONLINE project folder. This will provide you with important information such as completed phases, next phases, and payment amounts due for certain phases.