With your plumbing and equipment installation completed, it is time to move on to the part of your pool which gives it strength, the STEEL.  The installation of the steel, or re-bar, is what allows UNIQUE pools to stand the test of time.  Combined with concrete, steel allows the pool to hold water without cracking.  There is usually over 1/4 mile of steel in your pool (1500 feet), and the steel we use is 3/8″ diameter. It is called #3 re-bar.  If you see the steel installation crew, you will find that they will be bending and shaping the steel look like an art form.  It is an amazing process to watch…

“STEEL/REBAR” – BRIEF OVERVIEW : After the pool is plumbed, and the equipment is set, and sometimes during the plumbing, the re-bar crews are dispatched. Installation of the re-bar “cage” in our pools is required by our engineers, and that is what gives your UNIQUE pool its structural integrity. This is what will allow your pool to last a lifetime. These guys are artists when it comes to bending and installing re-bar in your pool. The entire process should take no more than a day, and can usually be done within a few hours. They show up early, and get it done quickly, so don’t be surprised if they are working prior to sun up. Our 5-bar bond beam gives you the extra strength needed around the upper portions of the pool, and extra reinforcement is always done around our water features, swim-up bars, and other features. PLEASE keep your friends, family and pets out of the backyard during the construction process, and be especially careful with the re-bar as it has extremely sharp edges.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There’s TONS of re-bar in my pool, but is it enough?

Our pools have passed the most strict engineering standards from both our structural engineers and the city or county engineers. There is probably more re-bar and steel in your pool than is required by the engineers because UNIQUE chooses to error on the side of caution and increase the recommended steel in some areas of your pool.

Is it safe to walk around in the backyard with all that re-bar?

NO! Please consider your yard to be a construction site throughout the pool and landscape build process. As mentioned above, the rebar is extremely dangerous. Please stay at least 5′ away at all times.

Is it too late to make a change to the pool design?

Theoretically, it is never too late, but now is the last time before it becomes “impractical” and extremely expensive. At this point, it is quite costly, but still possible. If you see an issue, or have any hesitations or questions at this point, please talk to us immediately. We are flexible, and we want to make sure we understand your concerns. In some cases there are very easy and cost effective solutions which can be done.