“STARTUP” – BRIEF OVERVIEW: Starting the pool up for the first time can sometimes take a few days because this is the time when we make sure everything is working as planned. The first visit usually gets the chemicals added, pumps running and everything programmed. If something does not work at this point, we make arrangements to have it repaired immediately so that we can go through how everything works and show you it in action during orientation. The startup can easily take a few days if more complex programming is involved or minor issues are encountered that need to be addressed prior to turning the pool over to you.

“ORIENTATION” – BRIEF OVERVIEW: Once we get everything working perfectly, we will schedule an appointment to show you how to use your new pool equipment. This meeting should be around an hour and entails all aspects of your pool project from what everything is, to how everything works. Bring a notepad, pen, and pay attention as our “POOL SCHOOL” can be quite informative. By the end of our 1 hour class you should have a better idea on pool and spa maintenance, day to day operation, programming, water chemistry, and overall aspects of your new pool and/or spa.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we use our pool prior to orientation?

Possibly, unless you have a 3M Quartz or Pebble Fina interior, you can ABSOLUTELY use your pool once it is started up. If you have 3M or Fina, you may have noticed the ZERO ALKALINITY process going on which helps to make your interior look great. This process involves high amounts of ACID in your pool and it is not safe to swim. A general rule of thumb is, once the pump and filter are running, it is safe to swim. If the pump is not on, it is probably not yet ready for you to swim in. If you notice that there are delays in “orientation” it is usually a minor issue and we will have it corrected as quickly as possible. As always, we will keep you informed to the best of our ability.

What if I forget all the things you go over at orientation?

Orientation is meant to be fun and informative so if you do not take notes that is not a big problem. We will usually have all the information on our website for future reference or we can answer any questions you might have via email or phone later. If there are any issues which require our attention, just call and we can come out and help you out later as well. We also have a newsletter and pool reminders which we have automatically signed you up to receive. This helps to keep you posted on what to look for when maintaining your pool.

What happens if something is not working at orientation?

Occasionally, there are things we notice later in the startup process. Do not worry, we have a great warranty and ANY little thing you see, just let us know and we will take care of it for you. Remember, you have a THREE year warranty on the equipment and we well keep you posted, and reminded, on when this warranty expiration is approaching.,/p>

What types of issues do you have at pool startup?

Pool startup exposes all sorts of issues which can go unnoticed during pool construction. There are a great number of working parts on a pool and they all need to come together in the final few days. It is not uncommon to have a heater which does not work or a pump which sounds funny. For the most part this is rare, but we have detailed checklists to ensure that we inspect each item and feature of your pool and spa. For this reason, we like to have a week or so to complete a very thorough inspection process before we turn it over to you.