“FINAL INSPECTION” – BRIEF OVERVIEW: The final inspection of a pool project usually entails checking to make sure everything is ready, safe, and up to CODE. A large part of this inspection is meeting “barrier” code. You should have received an email from us explaining this requirement. For this reason, the final inspection generally requires you being at home the day of inspection to allow the inspector access to the inside of your home. However, this is only required if you are using your house as part of the barrier for your pool. If your pool is completely fenced, all the way around, then you do not need to be home for a final inspection. The inspector will also look at our gas line hookups, electrical bonding, and fencing. Because this is the last inspection on your project, the inspector will be mainly looking to see that everything is completed correctly and safely for you to use your pool and your new backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I work all day! What if I can’t be home for a final inspection?

If your final inspection requires access to your home, then someone needs to be home to let the inspector into your home. This can be a friend, neighbor, or you. If work schedule is an issue, please let us know and we can generally narrow down a time that you need to be home. The inspector will generally give us a “window” so that you can arrange your schedule to meet that time frame much like an appointment with the cable company or other service providers. This is the final stage of the project, and the ONLY time they will need to get in your home.

What if we fail inspection, do I need to be home again?

For the most part, if you pass the barrier code, the inside your home portion of the inspection, you do not need to be home again for a re-inspection. If there is an issue inside your home with a door or window lock, then you will need to be home for a re-inspection to show the inspector that the issue has been properly corrected.

The landscaping is not done yet, why are we doing a “final” inspection?

The final inspection is for the pool and permitted portions of the project only. Since the landscaping does not require a permit, then the city or county has no interest in approving this work. Do not confuse “final” inspection and “final” completion.