Many homeowners believe that living in the desert means a landscape full of cactus, agave, and rock, as well as the absence of water. However, when designed and installed correctly, a water feature can provide a much-needed escape from the dry heat of a desert summer. The pros at UNIQUE have mastered the process of seamlessly integrating various types of water features into every style of landscape that you can imagine. And in each case, the finished product adds to the beauty, tranquility, and function of the outdoor living space. To learn more about water feature options for your valley home, click here or call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation.

Making A Big Splash

This beautiful round spa is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate after a long day.

By far, one of the most fun and desired water features in most homes in Phoenix is a swimming pool. Not only are the visual options almost unlimited with styles, including freeformarchitectural, and classic, but so are the fun and functional features. Rock waterfalls, water slides, grottos, pot-shaped waterfalls, sheer descent waterfalls, fountains, deck jets, and more can be included in the pool of your choice. All of these fantastic in pool water features provide the soothing sound of moving water. And a greater enjoyment of this cool and refreshing place to enjoy summer evenings, weekends, or any time you just want to relax and cool off.

Don’t Forget The Therapeutic Value Of A Spa

Your water feature can be as UNIQUE and modern as you like. This feature sits next to a fireplace and makes great use of the space along the privacy wall.

While you will get an amazing amount of use and enjoyment from your swimming pool in the summer months, most homeowners don’t use their pools in the winter. But that is the perfect time to enjoy the warmth and therapeutic value of a custom spa. Chris Griffin, owner of UNIQUE and a certified Genesis Pool Designer, will customize your spa to focus on total body relaxation and rejuvenation. Or you can even request a particular focus area, type of jet, or other feature that will take your spa and relaxation time to the next level. And the best part of your UNIQUE spa is that is can be seamlessly integrated into most home automation packages. So push a button on your smartphone when you are on your way home, and your spa is ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

This water feature provides the calming sound of moving water without the dangers related to a pond of standing water.

If you are more interested in looking at and listening to the water than getting into it, a stand-alone water feature is a perfect option for your desert oasis. As a full-service landscape and pool company, our in-house masonry team custom builds all of our water features. If you can imagine it, our team can build it. And in many cases, we might already have completed a very similar project. Our past creations include:

The UNIQUE design team will listen to your vision, help you to finalize the details, offer suggestions and options, and provide countless pictures to help you select your utterly UNIQUE water feature.

Child Safe Water Features

The safety of your children and pets is as essential to the UNIQUE team as it is to you. And with your little ones and furry children in mind, we have perfected a few very child and pet safe water feature options for your enjoyment. The first is similar to a stand-alone water feature. Our bubbling rocks incorporate large natural stones and water into one element that eliminates access to standing water. The catch basins for these features are completely filled with small natural stones. When the water erupts from the rocks like a small geyser, it immediately begins to trickle through the small stones, leaving no standing water to create a safety hazard. You will be able to enjoy the sound and interest of a water feature without the added stress of danger for your little loved ones.