Here in Arizona, we do have a winter season, even if it’s not what other parts of the country would consider winter. But as the nights begin to get a little chill, makes an evening outdoors more enjoyable than a fire pit. UNIQUE Landscape offers a full line of fire pits to meet any design style and fit even the smallest outdoor living spaces. You can select for any of the designs we show online or you can create your own custom fire pit when you meet with a designer for your free consultation.

Wood Burning or Gas

UNIQUE builds both wood burning fire pits and gas fire pits. The gas fire pits can operate from a natural gas line or a propane tank depending on what works best for you and the availability of natural gas in your neighborhood. There are pros and cons to each, and you will want to consider the following points:

Gas Fire Pit

  • No messy cleanup
  • No need to purchase or store wood
  • Instant flame when ignited
  • Easy to extinguish
  • Requires gas line or a place for a propane tank
  • Propane tanks need to be replaced when empty
  • No natural aroma of a wood burning fire

Wood Burning Fire Pit

  • Natural look and aroma
  • A wood burning fire pit can be emptied and used as an ice cooler for drinks in warm weather
  • Can provide more heat with a larger flame
  • Messy cleanup after each use
  • Storing wood can be inconvenient
  • Takes time to build the fire and for the flame to burn out

Design Options

UNIQUE offers a variety of design choices from the traditional round fire pit to a more modern square and rectangular shapes. Your designer will be able to assist you in determining which shape fire pit will fit best in your outdoor living space as well as what size would be optimal. Smaller properties often cannot accommodate a large circular pit but there are many options for a long narrow fire pit which would provide a seating for a large group. In addition, your fire pit can be finished in stucco to match your home, brick, stone or even tile.

Call today to schedule your free consultation with a UNIQUE designer and learn more about your options for a custom fire pit to enjoy this holiday season.