Not every pool company in Arizona is qualified to design and build your next custom pool waterfall or water feature! When it comes to your backyard space, our Unique designers can work wonders to help melt away your stress levels by designing customized backyard that fits your style.

One of the many things we like to add to our backyard designs are water features. Here are a few of our favorite methods of amplifying the naturally soothing sounds of water:

  • Waterfalls
    A classic and traditional water feature, adding a waterfall to a pool boasts relaxing sounds in addition to providing a critical focal feature. We love to include large rockscapes to complete a natural look and help induce an all-round sense of calmness for those relaxing nearby.
  • Sheer Descents
    The Sheer Descent waterfall produces a clear arc of water that has a wide range of water effects that can easily be adjusted to suit any mood or environment. You can choose a silent, a glass-like sheet of water, or a rushing mountain waterfall!
  • Spillways
    Most often in a pool setting, a spillway provides a controlled release of water through flow to produce a calming sound and results in texturizing the surface of your pool lending depth and dimension.
  • Deck Jets
    Deck Jets create shimmering arcs of water from the deck into the pool or spa. Polished bronze cover plates provide a rich finish to the installed jets. The Deck Jets can be installed in almost any combination. Since they can be adjusted 360°, the dazzling effects they create can be changed again and again to meet any mood.
  • Scuppers
    Frequently built into the wall areas that surround your pool, scuppers add modern flair through a mixture in materials. Available in a wide variety of materials (our favorite includes copper), scuppers produce gentle sheets of water, excellent ambient noise, and nice visual diversity.