This amazing UNIQUE outdoor living space provides comfort for the outdoor kitchen and entertaining space creating an outdoor great room.

While we all love the fact that Arizona offers very mild winter months, the price that we pay for those pleasant winters is the scorching heat of our peak summer months. You can make enjoying your outdoor living space much more comfortable by adding a few shades areas. This could be a shades dining area, a lounge space, or even over a portion of your pool. The benefit will be more usable space outdoors. And in the case of your swimming pool, shade structures can help to keep the water temperatures more refreshing and even easier to keep chemically balanced.

What most homeowners are unaware of is the wide variety available of shade structures and devices. Each structure or item that provides a shaded sanctuary has its pros and cons. So understanding these benefits and drawbacks will help you to determine which item will best meet your needs and add the desired shade to your outdoor Phoenix oasis. A call to 480-969-1911 is all that you need to make to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE designer. Your design can also assist you in exploring the vast options for adding a shade structure to your yard.

UNIQUE Ramadas Create True Outdoor Living Spaces

This Ramada provides shade for a sunken seating area as well as shading a swim up bar in the pool. In the cooler months the fireplace warms the seating area.

A Ramada is an outdoor structure that offers a fully enclosed roof which is often constructed to match the roof material and architectural style of your home. The roof is supported by four or more posts, depending on the size of the structure. The addition of stacked stone on the posts will create a more pillar-like look rather than the traditional wooden posts that are most often used. The sides of the Ramada remain open for excellent airflow and functionality. One of the most popular uses for a UNIQUE Ramada is a real outdoor great room. These include a full outdoor kitchen as well as outdoor relaxation space and even entertainment features such as a big-screen TV.

Add A Bit Of UNIQUE Ambiance To Your Outdoor Living Space

This Ramada matches the architectural style of the home and provides shade for the swim up bar in the pool as well as the sunken outdoor kitchen and dining area.

A palapa adds a tropical flair to your outdoor living space. This shade structure is very umbrella-like in that the canopy of the structure is constructed of dried palm fronds, and is supported by a single post. The post is most often a rustic pine peeled post. These structures are usually located at an outdoor BBQ island in place of a store-bought shade umbrella. These structures work very well in a tropical landscape to add the feel of a faraway island oasis.

UNIQUE Shade Structures Provide A Respite From The Heat

The design of this Ramada is not the traditional square, but the oval shape offered added space and mimics the curves of the free form pool and round spa. The stucco pillars match the exterior of the house and other features in the landscape.

These shade structures that are constructed by the UNIQUE team offer shade without requiring any real care of worry when bad weather pops up. The drawback can be the price of the features as compared to more temporary shade structures like sun umbrellas, shade sails, and awnings. It is essential to consider how often you will want to enjoy a shaded nook in your yard and how willing you will be to open and close an awning, umbrella, or shade sail. Also, take into account that monsoon season can cause a great deal of damage to fabric shade structures. Storm damage is less likely with more durable shade structures built with post and beam construction similar to your home.

As you think about your goals for a new shades area, be sure to consult a UNIQUE designer to learn more about all of UNIQUE shade structures. As one of the only pool and landscape contractors in Arizona to also be a licensed general contractor, UNIQUE is fully qualified to build the shade structure of your dreams. Call 480-969-1911 today and begin exploring your options.