Unique designers have a variety of pool shapes and styles in their portfolios, from freeform pools and infinity edges to Grecian styles and classic rectangles. What is best for your property will come from a number of inspirations. 

We’ve compiled a quick list of the most popular pool shapes and designs that your Arizonian neighbors are choosing when building their long-deserved aquatic escape:

Infinity Pool

Infinity pools (also called vanishing-edge or negative-edge pools) are one of the most dramatic effects found in pool design. Made to fool the viewer into believing that the pool flows over an edge into the neighboring vista, this type of swimming pool is actually a product of math and science: the water flows over the pool’s weir wall into a hidden trough where it’s recycled back into the pool.

Freeform Pools

Choosing to stray from the rules of geometry, freeform pool ideas come in every shape and size.  Being able to seamlessly blend into any surrounding, the contours of these contemporary pools often mimic a secret water oasis or tropical lagoon.  This style of pool works particularly well for homes located in natural or rustic settings.

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Architectural Pools

Geometric swimming pools are a strong addition to any yard.  With their sharp lines and defined edges, they double as the perfect pool to complement your modern architecture, as well as a multi-functional pool used for lifestyle and activities.

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Classic Rectangle and Lap Pools

Rectangular pools can fit into a variety of locations, including contemporary, urban, and pastoral. When joined with an infinity edge or a perimeter overflow, this type of inground pool shape takes on even more character and allows the pool to truly become one with the setting.  In addition to gracefully enhancing a home’s property, a rectangular pool can also be put to work. Many people enjoy using the pool for exercise and swimming laps. A lap pool is an excellent option for those who want more out of their pool than a place to dip their toes or float away the day.