Outdoor living in Phoenix is very popular due to the year round pleasant weather. Homeowners are eager to enjoy swimming pools, lush landscape, well-appointed lounging space and outdoor kitchens. Having the ability to cook and dine outdoors completes the entire outdoor living area and the experience. But some financially minded homeowners are concerned that their return on investment might not be as high as it would be for a project inside their home. However, all of the current data indicates that idea to be false.

Who Wants an Outdoor Kitchen?

Casual Living Magazine reports that 49% of homeowners surveyed have already completed an outdoor living and cooking addition to their home. And of those who did not already have an outdoor kitchen, 25% stated that they were planning to add one within the next year. This demonstrates that overall, homeowners and homebuyers are interested in an outdoor kitchen and see the value that they add to a property. But what about the actual numbers?

What is an Outdoor Kitchen Really Worth?

CNN Money and Remodeling Magazine have both reported that, “outdoor kitchens nationally return 100% to 200% of the investment cost.” They go on to add, “As with any home improvement, the ROI formula works providing you design and build a kitchen that is proportional to the home value and location.” With that in mind and the amazing climate in the valley, it is very safe to place Phoenix on the high end of that range being 150% to 200% due to the year round ability to enjoy an outdoor kitchen.

Affordably Doubling Your Homes Functional Space

Everyone has thought from time to time that it would be great to double the size of their kitchen, dining room or entertainment space. But adding rooms or square footage to your home is often cost prohibitive. And in some cases, city code simply doesn’t permit it. But adding an outdoor kitchen and living space is essentially doubling your square footage for a fraction of the price of a room addition to your home. Suddenly, you are more inclined to host a family gathering or celebrate a special event at home and not go to a restaurant or other venue. This is the long term savings that your outdoor living and dining room affords you.

You are making a Sound Investment in Many Ways

As you can clearly see, the addition of a UNIQUE outdoor kitchen is a good financial investment. It provides a great return on your investment and it also increases the appeal of your home when you are ready to sell it. But in addition you are investing in quality family time and enjoying all of the physical and emotional benefits associated with sending time outdoors.

Definitely a WIN-WIN Choice

From a financial perspective an outdoor kitchen is a hot item. Homeowners are inclined to pay more to have this feature in a home. But the added benefit of your personal enjoyment and quality time could represent an even greater reward. Life is busy and stressful. Finding time to relax and decompress is often difficult. But in just a short time, you could have a custom UNIQUE outdoor kitchen and living space to provide you with a place to connect with family and friends and enjoy life right in your Phoenix backyard.