Wet Edge
Wet Edge

Plaster is the final layer of material that goes into a swimming pool. This is the finished product that you will always see and feel. At Unique we use only the best quality products for your swimming pool. From a smooth white finish or Quartz finish, to an exposed Pebble finish. We have all the knowledge and skill to make your pool finish as custom as you want and need.

Traditional white plaster finishes lose their beauty and structure over the years. Wet Edge® pool finishes experience extended life through the use of quality dyes and modified cement that implements the latest scientific advancements in cementitious materials. Wet Edge® admixture, Pebble Edge®, is a pozzolan-polymer blend that improves the quality of the cement by making it harder, denser and more resilient against pool chemicals and natural elements.

Wet Edge® pool finishes offer a superior alternative to the traditional plaster and pebble pool finishes through time tested materials and the latest advancements.

We use only the best plastering products:

Quartz Pool Finishes

Pebble Pool Finishes

Polished Finishes

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