Hi-Fi Landscape Audio System


Do you have a beautifully landscaped yard however are lacking audio to take your outdoor entertaining to the next level? Unique Companies can help place speakers around your property to develop a site-wide surround sound effect. If you haven’t been in a yard with earth-shaking bass, strategically placed high-end speakers, and discrete mid-range speakers; you don’t know what you are missing.

Today’s rugged, all-weather sound systems are easier than ever to incorporate into your landscape, whether it’s a couple of box-type speakers mounted on the outside of the house, or cleverly disguised versions hidden in planters at poolside. Loudspeaker company, Origin Acoustics, has announced its new outdoor living brand, AcoustaScape Landscape Audio.

Outdoor Audio Systems: Landscape Design Services

Origin Acoustics understands that designing a perfect landscape system to WOW our customers can be challenging and time-consuming. They have committed top talent from their team to provide Unique Companies and our clients with amazing turn-key landscape system designs, complete with detailed illustrations and instructions for installation as well as a detailed proposal with system pricing.

Unique Companies follows a 3 step process to creating the perfect design with Origin Acoustics.

Step 1) Submit a completed form with basic information regarding our clients expectations.

Step 2) Origins will then quickly prepare a customized speaker layout diagram using our client’s landscape, a product proposal, and Powerpoint Presentation with system specifications and an easy to read installation instructions.

Step 3) Unique Companies can then present to our clients the exclusive materials provided by the Origin Design Service team and close the deal on providing them with the ultimate outdoor listening experience, custom-tailored to their needs.

The first offering in the series, the AS41 Hi-Fi Landscape Audio System, includes 4 Satellite Speakers and 1 In-Ground Subwoofer… read more.