When you think about enjoying nature, hardscape is not only the last thing that you might be thinking about but it could also be what you believe you are trying to escape. However, you might need to reconsider all of the benefits hardscape can offer. Not only will it increase your property value but it can also be the key to unlocking some great potential that your outdoor living space already holds. The secret is to integrate UNIQUE hardscape into your outdoor living space to help it achieve its greatest potential.

Hardscape involves the addition of features into a landscape that contrast with the plants and other vegetation. These features can be paths, walls, patios and much more and they are often constructed of concrete, brick, stone, wood or metal. But the most critical factor is that these features be integrated with care and vision by a professional outdoor living space designer to ensure that they enhance the space rather than deterring from its natural beauty and function.

Consider adding a natural stone pathway through your yard to an unused corner where you create a small patio. Not only are you adding to your outdoor living space but you are tapping into the potential of unused space. You could also realize the environmental and financial benefit of removing some grass which saves both time for maintenance and the cost of water. But you are also benefiting from the creation of a space that can be anything you would like. If the yard is a fun, safe and exciting play area for the kids then create an adult oasis for quiet relaxation and rejuvenation. Or consider creating an outdoor dining area with no electronics. It’s the perfect place to reconnect as a family and enjoy a meal and some quality time.

Do you love to entertain but just don’t have the space in your home to accommodate large groups? Consider building an outdoor entertaining area that is large enough to host family and friends for meals or just to hang out. A built in BBQ or wood burning pizza oven is a great center piece for a party or to enjoy as a change of pace for dinner any evening. Built in seating, a shade structure and a mister system and you are ready to entertain throughout the year. And an added bonus is that the space can double as a hangout for your kids and their friends. An outdoor living space is a great alternative to a room addition and at only a fraction of the cost.

Have you dreamed of turning your master bathroom into a spa but can’t justify the cost? Think about creating a private nook in your backyard for an outdoor spa. For much less than the cost of a bathroom remodel you can add a small patio and a therapeutic spa to enjoy year round. The latest models offer jets, lighting, sound systems and even remote control features to allow you to have a hot spa waiting for you when you get home from a long day at work.

Also consider the benefit of a hardscape area that can serve UNIQUE multiple purposes. Having extra patio space can be great when you have guests over or when your kids have guests and have taken over the main patio. You can relax and enjoy a second patio area which could also double as a splash pad for summer fun. The point is that properly designed and installed hardscape features enhance your outdoor living and natural spaces rather than destroying them. Contact a UNIQUE designer today to learn more about what the award winning UNIQUE team can create for you.