We apologize for ANY inconvenience this may have caused you. We will touch base with you shortly to discuss the details of the problems you are experiencing. Below are some items that will help us to schedule and resolve your issue faster:

  1. Detailed description of the problems you are having and any history associated with these issues.
  2. Pictures of the problem or defect – We are happy to come take a look, but sending us a picture allows us to have all the items necessary to make the repair on the first visit. (this will get it done faster!)
  3. Best time to contact you regarding the issue and you availability to schedule the repair. (Letting us know if we have full access, dogs?, gate codes, etc – can expedite a service call.)

Your warranty coordinator is Sharon Hrach
Email –
Office – 480.969.1911 Ext 228

Sending the information above to Sharon will allow us to get your warranty issue scheduled much faster than if we do not have any information. Please do not assume we have any of this information, even though you may have done so to another company representative.


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