Swimming Pool and Spa

Swimming Pool and Spa

Swimming Pools & Spas: Unique Custom Pools does not mass-produce swimming pools. In fact, we focus on about 50 pools per year – all of which have some integration with our landscape & patio projects. With that being said, we have a greater focus on our swimming pool design & engineering than most companies. Here is what we do:

  • Overall design input & analysis by owner, Chris Griffin (most pool companies allow the designer this control, not the actual builder)
  • Less sub-contractor work – as a landscape contractor with employees, we actually do 50-60% of the work for our pools in-house. Most pool builders rely on sub-contractors – we are the subcontractor. We install all of our tile, patios, waterfeatures, masonry, decking, plumbing, rebar & more!
  • In-house plumbing – Unique has our own pool plumber! Normally this wouldn’t be anything special, except our owner has spent many years working with & training our plumber to manage some of the best underground pool plumbing in the business. Our over-sized plumbing, valve set-ups, and hydraulic designs allow our pools to clean & operate better than any other swimming pool. Also, we have many other custom features for our ELITE pools that the “production” builder doesn’t offer.
  • Many pool companies offer these systems, but Unique has perfected it’s integration with each (just ask us how):
Venturi Skimmers Wireless & Remote Controls
Automated & Remote Valves Programming & Automation
Variable Speed Pumps Salt & Ozone Sanitization
TRUE Pool & Spa Cleaning Color LED Lighting
  • Lifetime Shell Warranty – it’s required by the AZ Registrar of Contractors to provide a lifetime warranty on the swimming pool shell. Unique goes above & beyond by using more steel, stronger shotcrete, and many other factors that allow our pools to last longer.
Unique Landscapes

Beautiful backyard in Anthem

  • Landscape & Patio Integration – probably our single biggest asset! All of our pools are designed with your complete backyard in mind. Here’s a few things we consider:
    • Electrical sizing – making sure there is adequate power to your pool panel allows money savings when expanding & installing landscape lighting, barbecue outlets, pond pumps, ramada & patio lighting, mist systems, jacuzzi spas & more!
    • Drainage – integration & preservation of drainage water away from pool AND house. Keeping water away from foundations & swimming pools will keep warranties intact, and allow for long-lasting projects.
    • Remote Control – imagine being able to control your pool AND your landscape feature with one remote. Pool companies tend to always integrate this, but they don’t leave room for all your other features (waterfeatures, mist systems, landscape lighting, patio lighting, & more!)
    • Planning & Permitting – with one contractor under control, you can be sure that all your project is being planned & permitted accordingly. It happens far too often that a pool builder puts the pool in a location where the city will not allow you to add a ramada in the future. With one plan & one company, we make sure these factors are figured out BEFORE you start!
    • Design – last but not least! Planning your entire project before you install a pool is the best way to make sure you have taken everything into consideration. Too many times (way too many!) we deal with projects where the pool builder has installed a pool in the wrong spot! It’s a waste of a yard…. Let our designers show you the BIG PICTURE, and help you understand the entire project, before you make the investment of a swimming pool or spa. This way, the pool is in perfect harmony with the rest of the project….

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