One of the biggest BENEFITS of choosing UNIQUE is our “in-house” full service landscape and masonry division. As the pride and backbone of our organization, we truly believe that we have some of the most experienced landscape and masonry crews in the Valley. UNIQUE began as a landscaping and landscape maintenance contractor over 15 years ago and grew to become today’s UNIQUE Companies. This experience ensures that we fully understand each process and detail required to design and build an outstanding yard.

We believe that it is the landscaping, plants and trees which actually complete our projects. These areas and the superb landscape design around out pools are what creates the total impact of our projects and probably what draws all the comments and fascination over our website portfolios. ALL of our pictures show some very spectacular landscapes, planting schemes, fireplaces, fire pits, and shade structures. Our biggest selling point is the fact that we integrate both pool and landscaping to provide you with a complete outdoor living area. This turns a patio, yard or pool area into a useful living space and allows you to enjoy the outdoor Arizona lifestyle.

“LANDSCAPING & MASONRY” – BRIEF OVERVIEW: Our claim to fame has arrived, and you should now start to see your landscape project really begin to take shape and come to life before your eyes. Depending on the scope of work going into your landscape and hardscape project this may include block walls, seating walls, fire pits, fireplaces, pergolas, Ramadas, plants and trees, curbing, irrigation systems, grass and MORE. In general, as far as landscape processes are concerned we start with underground first, which may include gas and electric lines, footers, irrigation lines, etc. Next, we focus on hardscapes, masonry, and patios. Once these are done, we finish with plants, trees, lighting systems, sod, and landscape rock.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There were areas damaged during pool construction, is this the phase where you guys fix that?

That depends on what is specified in your contract. If UNIQUE was hired to do a complete landscape project, then we usually “assist” in repairing pool construction damage, or finishing our landscape portion of the project. But when building a pool, it is never certain the extent of the damage which could occur to the landscape in the area. Repairing this is usually NOT included in either a landscape or pool agreement. Now would be the time to figure out exactly what needs to be done to repair areas of the project which may not be part of the landscape design or landscape contract. If you are figuring out the landscaping on your own, then we probably do not have crews available to fix irrigation system leaks, replant plants, or re-spread gravel that may have dirt in it. Give us a call, we will see what we can do to help.

When does my pool get finished?

The pool actually will get done AFTER all the landscape dust, dirt and debris clears. The final steps of the pool should be coming up, and they include cleaning up the interior of the pool, inspections, and then the interior finish. We don’t want all the landscape debris in the water of your new pool so we wait to complete the pool until the landscape is completed. This also ensures that the landscape phases and debris will not inadvertently cause any damage to the new interior finish of the pool.

Is it too late to add landscaping?

It is NEVER too late to request additional services from UNIQUE. Our main goal is to be certain that you are completely happy with the project when it is finished and if you would like to add the landscaping to our scope of work, we will be glad to accommodate you. It is important to note that most pool companies are contractors with very few employees. We have over 40 employees and we would be happy to provide you with our top quality landscaping or hardscape. Contact your UNIQUE designer ASAP to request any additions to your scope of work as our landscape crews are usually booked several weeks ahead of time.

Landscaping, Softscaping, and Hardscaping – What’s the difference?

As contractors, we often take the terms for granted, as they are commonly used in the landscape industry. “Landscaping” is the overall completion of the yard. It is widely used for all aspects of plants, trees, landscape rock, fire pits, barbecues, lighting systems, etc. Most people think of “landscaping” as plants, trees and landscape rock. Some even think of landscaping as “landscape maintenance,” such as mowing the lawn, trimming the trees, pruning, etc. The “hardscaping” aspects of the project get their name because of all the block, concrete & stone used to complete the different features. Hardscapes include your concrete and stone patios, the masonry such as barbecues, fireplaces, block walls, and structures such as pergolas, Ramadas and patio covers. “Softscapes” refer to the actual plants, trees and landscape rock which goes into your project. The name has evolved due to the “softening” effect it has on all the hard lines, edges, and harshness of the hardscaping, house, and structures.