The final phase of the pool construction process involves the interior finish. This is the step which actually makes your pool waterproof, finished, and ready to enjoy. There are many different types of interior finish and you should have already selected yours with the assistance of your UNIQUE designer. We must wait until final inspection is completed because after applying the interior of the pool, it needs to be immediately filled with water.

“INTERIOR FINISH” BRIEF OVERVIEW: The interior finish is the final construction step to your pool, and basically marks the completion of your swimming pool and/or spa. Some popular interior finish choices are Satin Matrix (mini-pebble), Pearl Matrix (pebble), Luna Quartz, and Prism Matrix (glass w/ pebble). Our favorite finish of all time is our Primera Stone product, which has the durability of pebble, but is polished smooth for an incredible swimming pool feel. For more info on ALL of our selections available visit Wet Edge Technologies. All of these materials require a very similar first step, which involves “spraying” the surface over the concrete shell of the pool. The process takes just one day, about 4 to 6 hours to be exact. Please be aware that the “finished” look after this step is usually pretty bad. Day 2 of the interior finish is when it starts to come together and look great. After Day one, the interior has a chance to harden and “cure” so that we can come back and clean it with an acid wash, and get it looking good before we fill it with water. All of the interior jobs take 2 days, but sometimes it can be a one day process with optimal conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does the interior look so bad after it’s done?

Well, it should not look “bad” but it is just not finished. The application involves Portland cement, which creates a “haze” on the pebbles or plaster. This “haze” can be cleaned off and polished, but only after the surface has been allowed to harden. Day 2 is when we can come back and do things such as acid wash, lightly buff, and clean areas which have overspray and debris. We will start filling your pool when it is time BUT it is YOUR responsibility to turn off the water when the level reaches 1/2 way up the waterline tile or skimmer.

When does my pool get filled?

UNIQUE will start to fill your pool when it is ready to be filled. DO NOT start filling your pool by yourself as there are steps which need to be taken prior to filling the pool. We will make sure it gets filled at the proper time. This is usually on the day AFTER interior finish.

Who turns off the water? What if I can’t be home?

It is your responsibility to turn off the water when the water reaches 1/2 way up the waterline tile. We realize that you just do not know when the pool will be full, so having the homeowner tend to this task is the safest scenario. We wish we could just fill the pool with the autofill, but filling the pool this way can cause a STREAK down the side of the pool. Do not use the autofill to fill the pool, in fact, it may not even be functioning yet. If you find yourself having to go to work and worried it may overfill, then turn off the water until you get home, or turn it on low. If your pool overflows a little, it is not the end of the world. It will not damage anything, it is just a little messy.

There is something wrong with the pebble, I’m going to stop the water filling until it’s fixed!

DO NOT TURN OFF THE WATER FILL PROCESS FOR ANY REASON. A common thought and misconception when a customer sees an issue with the pebble or interior is “It needs to be fixed before I fill the pool!” Most blemishes, stains, and issues can be easily corrected with water in the pool, in fact, about 95% of them. more days – we promise! Filling the pool is the best way to ensure the remainder of the pool is strong and finished properly. We realize that you may not be happy with something in the pool, but please just give us a call and do not turn off the water.

Why is payment required, the pool is not finished yet?

Pool construction is actually complete when the interior finish of the pool is applied. In fact, you can fill the pool and swim immediately. Every other aspect of a pool is a startup or programming related. If a pump or heater doesn’t work, then it is a warranty issue. We will admit, there are many items still left to do to make sure your pool is perfect, but you have a completed project which you can start to enjoy immediately. MOST of our clients still have a “landscape” final payment due also, so hopefully this is a bit of security on your part that we will follow through for you.

The interior finish looks really bad when I turn on the pool light at night.

If you are ever using the pool at night, with just the pool light on, then you will notice that the interior of the pool has lumps, marks, scuffs, scratches, and trowel marks. That’s because it does. Remember, pool interiors are applied by “hand” by people, and having tool marks, and defects are expected by a hand applied product. The ONLY time that you can view and judge the interior of your pool is during the day. This is regulated by the National Plaster Council. They set the criteria for judging and determining defects in interior finish products.

When do the chemicals get added? Won’t algae build up immediately?

You can swim immediately after the pool is full. Most city water has a residual amount of chlorine in it which can last for a few days. This is the same water that you bathe in each day and it is equally safe to swim in. Your pool water will be safe and algae free for a few days, and even longer in the winter time. If you feel like taking a dip, be our guest, but please remember to try to keep swimming to a minimum until we can get the chemicals added and balanced and the pumps and filters working. It will be only a few more days until you will be free to enjoy your new UNIQUE pool any time you choose and as often as you choose.