What you are seeing now is the infrastructure of your new swimming pool, from excavation to steel. As admitted, the first phases appear to be chaos, but it should be cleaned up very soon.  The next steps involve finalizing all the underground aspects of your project and getting ready for inspections. These aspects are the “brains” behind your pool, assuming you are going with one of our state-of-the-art automation systems.  Our Pentair Easytouch & Intellitouch systems allow for convenient programming and control of your new pool and spa. They make it possible to control your equipment from remotes or an app on your smart phone, program times for your water features to turn on and off, or push a button to heat your spa. All of this is made possible by the work that the electricians are completing on the low-voltage and high-voltage services involved in our pool and spa systems.

“ELECTRICAL” – BRIEF OVERVIEW :  After the pool plumbing and steel are completed, our electricians arrive to install the electrical and automation system if you have selected one. This includes the pool lights, the time clock, any subpanels, possibly some barbeque or landscape outlets, connection of pool pumps and heaters, and all grounding of the pool. Current electrical codes require these safety measures to be completed to protect you from electrical surges and other issues. Our electricians are extremely knowledgeable, and may even say “HI”. If you have an automation system or wireless remote, you will most likely receive this remote from the electrician during installation. Please keep this in a safe place, we will need it at startup. Also, we will completely explain the function of the automation and any remotes at your private “pool school”.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The electricians left an open trench in my yard, went through my grass, and dirtied up my landscape rock! Is this normal

These guys are the best in the business, and we promise they have treated your project like their own yard, but they had to get your electrical system done properly, safely, and to “code”. This includes leaving trenches open for inspection. Also, the plumbers may keep their pipes uncovered for inspection too.

Is there power running through the lines yet?

Not yet, we leave the breakers off until we get city or county approval. This is also for safety reasons, so do not be alarmed that nothing works. This is for your safety.

I have other electrical needs – can they do that for me too?

Absolutely, just let us know what needs to be done and our guys will be happy to run barbecue outlets, landscape outlets, Christmas light outlets, motion lights, fan installation or anything else that you might need. Save yourself a trip charge, and let us know what you are thinking about so that we can take care of you as cost effectively as possible.