Every person in the swimming pool industry knows that many potential customers have the same first question. How much is a pool going to cost me? And everyone in the industry rattles off the same answer, not to be disrespectful or curt, but because it is the only honest answer. And that answer is this, the cost of your pool will depend on what you want to include in your pool. And also any landscaping and outdoor living space that will be included in the project.

Some potential pool owners begin rattling off a wish list, while others look perplexed and ask what the options are. However, to continue with the line of honesty, many factors are going to come to bear when pricing a pool. And it all begins with the location of the build. And then it carries over to the features and functions that you would like to include in the proposal.

The simple truth is that any luxury or custom item that you purchase can and should be designed or created to meet your needs and your taste. You are making an investment, and that investment should get you exactly what you have always wanted.

Think about buying a fine automobile, a boat, or a vacation home. All of those purchases will include variables like where the car and the boat will be delivered, or where the vacation home will be built. And then, there are finish and feature questions. Is it a speed boat or a sailboat? Do you want a luxurious limited edition Maybach or are you looking for the pure performance of a Ferrari? Those are choices that you have every right to make, but they will influence the price. Your UNIQUE custom pool pricing will depend on all of the features and finishes that you select for your dream outdoor oasis.

Let’s Start With The Base Package

As you might imagine, at UNIQUE, we do offer pool packages. But we rarely install our packages to those exact specifications as our customers prefer to personalize the items to best fit their needs. These packages serve as a launching point.

For example, one of our packages, the Desert package includes an 80 linear foot perimeter play pool, desert landscape, and a BBQ. This package is based on an approximately 2000 square foot backyard and is priced at $39,000.

But there are a myriad of additional options and features that can be added to take this basic package and turn it into your dream outdoor living space.

The Next Question Is Time

Now that you have a clear mental image of exactly what you want in your backyard, you want to know when you can expect to be lounging in your new spa or basking by your new custom swimming pool. And that answer will also vary a bit depending on the features that you select and the size and terrain of your property. We need about 3 to 4 weeks to construct a basic pool. But because most of our projects are custom designs, they average around 4 to 7 weeks. As you and your UNIQUE designer get further along in designing your perfect pool and outdoor space, we will be able to provide you with a more precise estimate of the time we will need to bring your vision to life in your backyard.

We are set up to design complete projects that may include a pool, spa, masonry/hardscape work, outdoor structures, and/or our complete landscape makeover. The time frame from the moment you first contact the UNIQUE team will vary depending on your project’s size and scope and your scheduling needs. As you might expect, creating a completely customized living space will require several meetings between you and your professional designer to ensure that the project is precisely what you envision for your outdoor space.

Please keep UNIQUE in mind for larger, complete projects that may include a pool, spa, masonry/hardscape work, outdoor structures and/or our complete landscape makeover! Call to schedule your free initial consultation at 480-969-1911 or click here to complete an online consultation request.