Want a great way to enhance the beauty of your Arizona property? Then have fireplaces or fire pits installed. Customized or pre-built, these fire features can definitely transform any landscape from beautiful to magical, especially during the cold winter nights.

Benefits of Adding a Fireplace
Fireplaces are wonderful additions to your home or landscape. They can provide you with:

  • Warmth and comfort. What can be more comfortable than the warmth of a lighted fireplace in a cold winter night? Snuggle up with your family and friends and let the warmth seep in, as you share the stories of the day.
  • Beauty. These fire features look good any which way you look at them. Light them up and you’ll fall in love with the magical effect they have for the area.
  • Increase the value of your home. Homes with fireplaces fetch a higher price than those without.
Cozy Outdoor Fireplace

Cozy Outdoor Fireplace

Warmth Outdoors

The intent is to create a warm and inviting outdoor space for entertaining and casual conversation. The fireplace might be the main focal point or be part of a more expansive outdoor area that includes a kitchen and hot tub.

With a fireplace or fire pit installed in your landscape, you’ll never have to spend another cold, winter night indoors again. The heat from these fire features can give you a warm, comfy feeling come winter time.

Even hot summer nights can be turned to delightful nighttime, as you and your family play games outdoors. Don’t worry about missing out on the fun, because you can even cook your meals on top of your fire pits. Let the air be filled with the delicious aroma of your sumptuous cooking.

Quality Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Amazing Outdoor Fireplace

Amazing Outdoor Fireplace

Fireplaces and fire pits are worthy investments that can last for a lifetime only if you choose well. Substandard materials and faulty installation can increase their chances of premature breakage or cause safety hazards in your property.

Unique Landscapes can provide you with the best fireplaces and fire pits. Our customized fire features are created with beauty and function in mind. We build them in proportion with the available size and dimension of your area. Rest assured that our projects will enhance the beauty of your home or landscape, since we have designers who know which materials and colors will complement with the existing theme of the area.

And because we understand that these fire features can actually pose hazards to your property, we take great care in installing them. Our highly-skilled masons and workers are well trained in fireplace and fire pit installation. We can make gas-only or wood-burning fireplaces out of high quality, fire-resistant materials, like bricks or natural stones. We know which type will suit your area best, but we also take suggestions from you.

Our company can also provide you with pre-built fireplaces and fire pits. Our partnership with Belgard, the trusted name in this business, assures you of the best pre-fabricated fire features that you and your friends and family can enjoy for a long, long time.