Many adults have great memories of evenings spent at the drive-in movie theater. However, with the extreme temperatures in the Valley, it could be November before it is pleasant enough to sit outdoors for a few hours in comfort. There is, however, a great solution that can be enjoyed with family and friends throughout the summer. Create your own dive-in movie theater at your UNIQUE pool. If you are currently designing your pool, be sure to ask your UNIQUE designer about features that will make watching movies from your pool as easy as making popcorn and inviting your friends.

A big-screen TV is a perfect way to watch movies from your pool. Many of the ramadas and outdoor shade structures that the UNIQUE Companies design and build are already prewired to install a TV. This includes electricity, cable, or even a satellite drop at the predetermines mounting location of your big screen. If you have not yet built a shade structure or did not include a location for an outdoor TV, you can still consider adding this feature, or you can create a temporary theater. Projectors and outdoor viewing screens can be purchased for a few hundred dollars and are very easy to set up.

Must-Haves For Your UNIQUE Dive-In Movie Night

Popcorn, drinks and snacks make a dive-in movie even more fun and no ticket is required. Just jump onto a float and relax.

Part of what makes a movie theater fun is relaxing in the large reclining seats. So while theater seating will not float, there are many great pool floats that will meet the needs of your guests. Larger lounge-style floats are great for a long relaxing evening, and most offer a handy drink holder. Kids often enjoy the round inner tube style floats that allow them to sit on and hang from the float. Tiny children might be more comfortable relaxing at the edge of the pool on a large towel or blanket. This is also much safer if your child is likely to fall asleep during the movie.

Concessions For Your UNIQUE Dive-In Movie

No movie night is complete without popcorn. Pop a large batch before the movie starts and fill large Ziploc bags. Each person will have some to enjoy without the potential for spilling into the pool. Retro sodas are also very popular when watching a movie, but the glass bottles can create some serious hazards. It is always a good idea to pour drinks into thermal plastic glasses that have a lid. Again, this helps to reduce what gets spilled in the pool and eliminate the potential for injuries from broken glass. For an even more authentic movie night experience, visit a local dollar store or grocery store to stock up on all of your favorite boxes of movie candy. If you have always dreamed of having an outdoor kitchen, a dive-in movie night might be just what it takes to motivate you. Call 480-969-1911 to schedule an appointment with a UNIQUE designer who can help you begin to create the plan for your outdoor kitchen for next year’s dive-in movie season.

A Few Final Tips For Your UNIQUE Dive-In Movie Night

Large family style floats can accommodate several people as well as drinks and snacks so you are set for the night.

Pool floats can begin to drift, which can make it difficult to watch a movie. Stinging a couple of ropes across the pool will provide your guests with a way to steady their float when the water is moving. This can also be a great tool when someone is trying to get to the edge of the pool to get out of the water. It will reduce splashing and commotion during the movie. For a family dive-in movie night, consider getting a large raft or float the is designed to seat the entire family. These floats often have a space in the center for drinks and snack storage. This is also helpful when children are too small to be left unattended on individual floats but want to be in the water where all of the action is. To begin designing your UNIQUE pool for your own dive-in movie nights, call 480-969-1911 to schedule your free consultation with a designer.