There are always new trends being touted for the coming season and many of this year’s focus on investing in experiences instead of objects. Happiness, satisfaction and elimination of buyer’s remorse are all hot topics when it comes to spending your hard earned money. Discovering how to make more meaningful and satisfying purchases has become a quest as society has begun to adopt a more minimalist mindset. Room after room filled with trinkets and possessions only lead to more work caring for the items and the space required to hold them. In an effort to break free from the responsibility of this time and money commitment many savvy consumers are choosing to invest in activities that create rich memories and experiences which are priceless and yet require just a tiny storage spot in the hearts and minds of those who shared the experience. This new method for evaluating what one treasures carries over to almost every aspect of daily life. Huge formal lawns that consumer vast amounts of water to maintain that “rich” green tone are being eliminated to create outdoor living spaces that will become the stage for quality family time for years to come.  Announcing that dinner will be at 6 pm is not likely to have kids watching the clock in anticipation but announcing that the outdoor pizza oven will be ready to cook personal pizzas will create some excitement. Planning an afternoon of family time might not get teens to turn off their cell phones but a family volleyball game in the pool at 3 just might; especially if the losing team is serving dinner to the winners!

Families who are fond of board games are creating oversized outdoor checkers/chess boards in the backyard to enjoy a competitive game and some outdoor activity. Others find that a splash pad is the perfect place for the entire family to enjoy spending time together outdoors. In this environment even small children can join in the fun of playing in the water without the dangers associated with a pool. Putting greens and sport courts are also popular additions to create a park like setting in your own backyard.

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