Everyone loves the soft gurgling sound of a water feature. Not only is it a peaceful sound which helps to block out the hum and stresses of daily life, but it also provides a calming effect. In addition, scientists have discovered that the brain attaches emotion to sound memories, so the sound of water can mentally take you right back to your happiest memories that occurred near water. A pondless water feature is the perfect balance of all of the benefits of a water feature without many of the pesky drawbacks.

Safety First

One of the largest concerns for most homeowners who are considering a fountain or water feature is the danger of the water in the pond. Even a few inches of water in a small holding pond is enough for a child or pet to drown, and that risk is too great to take. But with a pondless water feature, the retention area, or holding area for the water, is filled with rock or another fill material so there is no danger to children or even the smallest pets.  This feature alone makes pondless water features the easy choice for many homeowners.

Too Much Work

The second most common complaint about a water feature is the time required to maintain it. Recirculation pools or ponds become a catch-all for leaves and debris, which quickly causes the water to turn from crystal clear to dull and murky. Even the addition of chemicals to keep the water clean and clear will only work for a short time. Then the pond must be cleaned and the debris removed. Initially, homeowners believe that this weekly or bi-weekly maintenance will be fast and easy. But as with anything, the task can quickly become a chore that is dreaded or worse, forgotten. The simple solution to this long-term time commitment is a pondless water feature that requires almost no care and remains beautiful and functional for many years with only occasional pump maintenance.

Many Options

Just as with conventional water features, the pondless water features offer homeowners many options for customization. There are water features made of boulders that have water mysteriously bubbling from within the rocks or statues more similar to a conventional fountain that cascade water into what looks like the ground. In addition, homeowners have the option to select the fill material for the holding pond that best suits their taste and the décor of their outdoor living space. Natural stone is perfect for a more rustic or traditional southwest look while glass pebbles or beads can add a more contemporary flair to the feature. It is even possible to install an auto-fill mechanism so that you never need to worry about adding water.

If you have been thinking about adding to the peace and tranquility of your outdoor living space but don’t want the danger of an open pond or the care that comes with it, then a UNIQUE pondless water feature is the perfect solution. You can enjoy the sound and beauty without the work. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with the UNIQUE design team to begin planning your custom pondless water feature. Even the smallest courtyard can be the perfect spot for this UNIQUE feature.