Adding a swimming pool to your backyard can sometimes seem like a big decision – what kind of pool should I choose? What features should I add? How much will it cost? Will it add to my home’s value? Often, the last question is one that homeowners like to take into consideration, especially when they are concerned about the resale of their property. But adding a swimming pool can increase value far beyond just the monetary value!

Encourages Family Time
When you build a pool, you’re actually creating a fun and relaxing space for your children and family to spend time together without ever leaving the backyard! You’ll make lasting memories as you teach your kids to swim, play with them in the pool, and barbecue by the water.

Stay Healthy And Lose Weight
Instead of driving to the gym, you can spend time exercising in your own pool. Research shows that swimming provides an excellent total body workout with a low risk of injury. Swimming in your pool can also promote faster weight loss.

Unwind And Relax
When you get home from a long day at work or need to escape the business of life, take a quick dip in your pool to unwind. Spending time in the water helps your body relax and get rid of stress. You’ll also sleep better than you ever have before.

Increase The Value of Your Home
In terms of monetary value, an inground pool can increase a home’s value from 8-15%. Of course, current market and property values will affect this range. But now, adding a swimming pool to your home is easier than ever with the affordable rates through Paramount. With their low interest rates for qualified borrowers, it can be done simply and easily.

So when thinking of investing in a pool, think beyond the financial aspects of pool ownership. Those aspects are usually immeasurable.