There are many UNIQUE projects that homeowners undertake because they believe it will increase their property value. Sadly, many projects end up providing little or no return on investment. But there are certain landscape choices that you can make which will definitely increase the value of your property.

  1. Select a quality professional landscape design- A study at the University of Michigan found that a professional landscape design increased the value of landscape projects by as much as 11%. This added value is due to the increased sophistication of a professional landscape design. Plant selections are of a higher quality, plant location is more carefully considered for both the immediate and long term goals and curb appeal was increased due to the cohesiveness of a complete professional design.
  2. Use plants to solve issues- No property is perfect but there are always ways to work with any short comings that your property might be facing. If the home is on a busy street with considerable road noise, then a hedge row of trees or large shrubs will act as a screen and help to mute the street noise. Large plants and trees can also provide a visual barrier to screen off views of utility boxes or poles, walls or even neighboring homes. Strategically placed trees can also add shade to a portion of your home help maintain a cooler indoor temperature.
  3. Maintenance- After many years of growth, plants can begin to “take over” a space. Trimming and pruning large plants and trees will greatly improve your curb appeal and allow your home to again become the focal point of the property. Architectural features and the style of your home can be hidden behind the years of growth. Proper pruning can reduce the plants back to their proper scale and reveal the features of your home that had become hidden.
  4. Enhance features with plants- Having shutters on your home is a valuable feature. A fresh coat of paint and some bright flowering shrubs planted under the shutters will draw attention to these great features. Flower pots adorned with bright paint and blooming flowers will draw attention to a wonderful front porch and add to the curb appeal as well.
  5. Lighting-Add value and a sense of security to your home with professional outdoor lighting. Your yard and your home will stand out at night as every passerby can enjoy your landscape and other focal points on your home which had been lost in the darkness. In addition to this new perspective on your home, the lights will add a feeling of safety as you can see throughout the yard for security and safer navigation approaching your home.

You might have decided to perk up your property because you are planning to sell in the next year or so, or you could just be completing these projects simply as a way to invest in your property. Regardless of your motivation, by following these simple tips you are making a good financial decision and also increasing the curb appeal of your home for yourself and your community.