About Our Pools


Unique Custom Pools, LLC was created to work hand in hand with the landscape division, making it possible for one company to handle all aspects of our Arizona outdoor living projects. Although Unique Companies specializes in complete projects, Unique Custom Pools can handle any size swimming pool, spa or swimming pool remodel project on an individual basis. Whether you have a new Phoenix swimming pool and spa combination or a simple water feature addition to an old pool – Unique has the experience, knowledge and background to get it done efficiently. Furthermore, we can even help with other design ideas that extend into your backyard or front yard landscaping projects.


As an engineering graduate, Chris Griffin (owner of Unique Custom Pools and Unique Landscapes) is constantly perfecting all of Unique’s swimming pool construction methods and techniques. From infloor cleaning systems to structural integrity of the swimming pool, there is nothing average about our swimming pool construction methods. Unique focuses on building a better pool than most Arizona pool companies, because of the attention to detail in every aspect of Phoenix swimming pool and spa construction. From structural and function to overall appearance – here are just some of the reasons why Unique should build your new swimming pool or remodel your existing one.


• SWIMMING POOL SHELL – The “Shell” of the swimming pool is the single most important part for long-term stability and function. From precision excavation to shotcrete, Unique has improved on some of Arizona’s swimming pool standards. Shotcrete standards are currently 3000PSI – we use 3500PSI with fiber mesh on every pool. The stronger concrete goes without saying – but the fiber mesh holds the concrete together on a molecular basis. You will find this in every Phoenix swimming pool we build.

• PLUMBING – The most under-rated part of the swimming pool and spa construction process is plumbing. Pool plumbing is usually done once, then covered with steel and concrete forever. As technology improves, so does pool equipment, filtration and maintenance methods. To “Future Proof” your Phoenix swimming pool and optimize circulation and filtration, we believe in oversized plumbing in the entire pool. The industry standard is 2” suction lines & 2”/1.5” return lines. Unique Custom Pools uses all 2.5” suction lines, split main drain/skimmers, and dedicated vac lines – giving our customers full control over swimming pool circulation and plumbing.

• INFLOOR SYSTEM – Maintenance of a swimming pool is the number one concern when building or buying a pool. There are several infloor systems out there – but we feel like we have the best! Our MagnaSweep system has superior engineering that allows 100% of the pool suction to be at the main drain (where all the dirt/debris accumulates). Most Phoenix swimming pools have only 50% suction (or less) at the bottom. This superior technology can be explained during our free pool consultation – just ask!

• WATER SANITIZATION – Water quality and maintenance ranks right up there with cleaning the pool. To compliment our oversized plumbing, cleaning systems, and circulation methods – Unique offers systems that will keep chlorine & pH levels consistent (SALT & pH Management), as well as methods for your pool to better use the chlorine it has (OZONE). With the proper design and installation, these systems can virtually decrease pool maintenance by 95%!

• EQUIPMENT – Cheap pool equipment has never been a good selling point for a swimming pool – which is why we don’t use any other pool equipment than Pentair! Pentair continues to have better solutions, products, and automation than it’s competitors. Unique feels that Pentair’s arsenal of products, coupled with their competitive price – makes it a perfect fit for all of our Arizona pools. On top of that, Pentair makes the only Variable Speed, Energy Efficient pump on the market, that is proven to save 30% more electricity than it’s competition. On top of that, it’s programmable to different speeds to suit your pools different water requirements! Go “Green” with Unique and Pentair Pool Products.

• INTERIOR FINISH – Believe it or not, all pebble surfaces are not equal! The interior finish of your Phoenix swimming pool is the single largest investment when it comes to “remodeling” your pool – so, don’t be fooled by a cheap imitation or misleading warranty, and don’t let you new pool get a poor installation. Unique uses PebbleTEC and PebbleSHEEN brand, which is regarded as the best in the industry. On top of that, our installation crews receive national recognition as “one of the best in the nation”, because of their vast experience, doing so many projects in Phoenix. Unique feels the experience our crews get doing 10-12 jobs a week, 52 weeks a year allows them to be the very best at what they do!


• DECKING & PATIOS – Pool decking is one of the finishing touches to any pool project. Well, Unique IS the sub-contractor! Unique Landscapes gets involved with every pool project by doing the flagstone, pavers, concrete or “cool-deck” patios for the pool division. What more can you ask for?

• WATER FEATURES – The focal point on every pool is a water feature or waterfall. It takes years of practice and tons of trial-and-error in designing and building a water feature. Unique has our own waterfall specialists that can build freeform rock waterfalls to architectural columns with pots spilling water, or water sheers spilling into a pool. Unique can then match these features into your landscape design.

• LANDSCAPING – You may notice that no pool company does landscaping, but they all “know” someone (which changes from time to time). Unique not only “knows” someone, we ARE the someone that will complete both the pool and the landscape project with one point of contact! Protect all your warranties by choosing one company to be responsible.


All of our Phoenix swimming pools are backed by written warranties that exceed the industry standards, including a “Lifetime” warranty on our pool shells. We have eliminated the time you must wait on the pool company to finish your pool before you can finish the rest of your outdoor environment.

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