Why Choose Unique

In Arizona, our clients' number one reason for choosing Unique is the fact that both pool and landscaping are handled by one company, one landscape and pool designer, and one point of contact.

Unique’s pool division was established to give our Phoenix pool builder full control and supervision of every aspect of our outdoor environments. Uniting the custom swimming pool and spa with our beautiful custom Arizona landscapes & outdoor environments is Unique Companies way of offering a value to all of our clients. We feel this “value” is unsurpassed by any other outdoor services company you can find in the Phoenix & surrounding areas. We have eliminated the time you must wait on the pool company to finish your swimming pool and spa before the landscape company can finish the rest of your outdoor Arizona Landscape and Swimming Pool Design.

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Contractor Licenses

Unique holds three contractors licenses: General Contractor, Landscape Contractor, and Pool Contractor.
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Making sure that your project is being planned & permitted accordingly. Too many time short-sided design will place features where the city will not allow you to add additional features in the future.
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Doing electrical right allows long-term money savings when expanding and installing landscape lighting, barbecue outlets, pond pumps, ramada and patio lighting, mist systems, jacuzzi spas and more!
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Planning your entire project before you install a pool is the best way to ensure that you have taken everything into consideration.
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These day controlling all you pools features from your phone is the smart way to build but it also increase your pools longevity through accurate chemical balancing every time at the right times.
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Integration and preservation of drainage water away from pool AND house. Keeping water away from foundations and swimming pools will keep warranties intact, and allow for long-lasting projects.

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    The complete landscape package, pool and spa and any hardscape and structure will be constructed by the highly skilled tradesmen who are UNIQUE employees. In addition, clients have the comfort of knowing that a single point of contact can answer any question or explain any aspect of the project throughout the construction process.