Unique Landscapes & Custom Pools Warranty

Limited Warranty

In compliance with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Federal Trade Commission Act (Public Law 93-637), Unique Landscapes by Griffin, Inc. provides the following limited warranty on your swimming pool, spa, equipment, landscape and/or general contracting project:

Swimming Pool – Materials and Workmanship

Unique Landscapes by Griffin Inc. warrants to the original Buyer all labor, materials and equipment to be free of defects for a period of two (2) years from the date the swimming pool is plastered, provided that the original Buyer’s reasonable care and maintenance agreements are upheld. In the event the swimming pool or its equipment fail to perform in a normal and regular manner, Unique Landscapes by Griffin, Inc. will replace or correct the defect at no expense to the Buyer. The decking, tile, and plaster used in the construction of your swimming pool are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date the pool is plastered subject to limitations below. PENTAIR Pool Products (Pumps, filters, heaters, Color Lights & Control Systems) carry a 3-year Manufacturers warranty – www.pentairpool.com – To take advantage of each warranty, owners can perform an ONLINE registration at their website.

Swimming Pool – Concrete Shell

Unique Landscapes by Griffin, Inc warrants to the original Buyer that the concrete pool shell will remain structurally sound and capable of holding water for the lifetime of the pool/spa (limited to the period of time owned by the original Buyer), conditional to original Buyer’s reasonable care and maintenance of such pool. In the event of failure of the shell to hold water, Unique Landscapes by Griffin, Inc. requires written notice by the original buyer within warranty period. At that time, Unique Landscapes by Griffin, Inc. will repair the shell to hold water without charge to the original Buyer, provided that the original Buyer has upheld all the terms of this contract and account is paid in full. The term “structurally sound” means that the swimming pool is capable of containing and retaining water without water loss due to a crack in the structure. In the event of failure to do so, the Contractor will, within said period, repair the same so that it does retain water. The term “structurally sound” therefore does not extend to cover items external to the pool shell, such as tile, plaster, plumbing, electricity, filter, heaters, decking, or pool accessories. Plaster is not warrantied against discoloration or staining inasmuch as this is commonly due to the local water, wrong use of chemicals, or lack of cleaning. The structural warranty is also invalid should the pool not be kept full, except for a five (5) day period each year for maintenance; should the water table be above the lowest point of the pool: should the structure be damaged by earthquake or earth or earthfill movement, or by disasters not occasioned by the contractor such as acts of God, explosion, wrecking and the like. Should the pool interior or tile be removed during this period, no further structural warranties will be honored by ULG.

Swimming Pool – Interior Finish

Unique Landscapes by Griffin, Inc. warrants the original buyer for a period of 2 years for labor & materials on ALL interior finish materials (plaster, 3M, pebble, etc.) After expiration of ULG’s warranty, some products maintain their original manufacturer’s warranty for an extended period of time (from 3 years to 15 years). Owner must contact manufacturer rep for all warranty service & repairs, as UCP is not responsible for labor or materials after original 2-year warranty. Owner must keep recommended water chemistry in order to maintain any ULG warranty. Failure to keep water balanced may result in premature failure of the interior finish & therefore void any & all warranties offered by ULG. Owner may request “proper” water balance/chemistry guidelines from ULG at any point during 2-year warranty. If not given at completion of pool, ULG will provide (upon request) a certificate of warranty for all of it’s interior finish products that explain manufacturer’s warranties, contact info, etc.

Plaster/Altima (2 years)
Luna Quartz (5 years)
Pearl Matrix/Pebble (15 years)
Satin Matrix/Mini Pebble (15 years)
Primera Stone/Polished Pebble (10 years)
Beadcrete/Glass (5 years)

Landscape – Materials and Workmanship

Unique Landscape by Griffin, Inc. warrants to the original Buyer that the work will be performed in accordance with the specifications, agreement, and applicable code and warranted for a period of 2 years from substantial completion (Substantial completion is prior to punchlist items or warranty work). ULG guarantees all labor, and materials on all hardscapes, patios, structures, and irrigation systems for a period of two years. A limited warranty of only one year will be applied to items that contain a manufacturer’s warranty of one year (i.e. pumps, filters, custom items, parts, etc.) Furthermore, Buyer understands the manufacturer’s warranty may exceed the two year ULG warranty on materials only. Any additional manufacturer’s warranty will be honored by ULG for materials only, and limited to the replacement by the manufacturer, with reimbursement to ULG for labor costs.

Landscape – Plants / Trees / Sod

All plants material is guaranteed for 30 days to be true of nature and healthy at time of installation. Plant material guarantee does not cover damage due to improper watering, fertilizer, or maintenance, which is solely the responsibility of the client. ULG extends warranty period for 15 gallon plants/trees (or larger) for an additional 60 days (90 days from day of installation). ULG holds final decision in warranty and replacement of dying or dead material. During winter months, ULG will guarantee deciduous & winter dormant plants until spring bud-out (Absolutely no warranty for FREEZE damage).

  1. Improper care of plant/irrigation system – Drip systems require monthly maintenance and periodic checks to clean/unclog emitters that may have small dirt particles, calcium, or nesting insects.
  2. Improper watering – Initial watering is set for new plants/trees. This should be adjusted within 30 days to accommodate for the time of year. Contact us or visit our website for proper maintenance and irrigation of landscape/plants/trees/sod.
Unique’s Warranty Limitations

Unique Landscapes by Griffin, Inc. will determine if equipment or items will be repaired or replaced. Unique is not responsible for replacing equipment or brands that are no longer available (tile, deck colors, etc.) & not responsible for matching colors that are discontinued or sun faded, but will make reasonable efforts to get as close as possible. Unique reserves the right to substitute parts, as required. In the event of revised, modified or changed building codes (or similar), Unique is not responsible for additional material, expense or performance of service required to restore to original condition or to meet current codes.

This warranty is guaranteed for original purchaser & original site of installation & is not assignable.

ULG will provide up to three (3) warranty trips for non-emergency, cosmetic and/or non-critical warranty issues. A warranty trip may be scheduled after 30 days, then again at eleven (11) months, and finally at twenty-three (23) months. An online warranty submittal is required for processing (VISIT warranty.unique-landscapes.com)