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Meet Chris Griffin, the man with a UNIQUE vision about how to make creating your perfect outdoor living space should be fun and stress-free.

Just like those first trees that were planted in the early days of Unique Landscapes by Griffin, the UNIQUE Companies have thrived, branched out, and created a strong root structure that provides support in challenging times. But the big question is, how has Chris Griffin been able to keep UNIQUE as original as it was on day one and a perineal leading in the industry? And that answer is not a simple word or two, because it has been a long and arduous task of nurturing the company’s strengths and trimming off the dead weight. But the result has been well worth the years of dedication from Chris and from the knowledgeable team that he has built to help him cultivate the UNIQUE Companies.

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This entire vision is the work of a single company. And when you have a UNIQUE vision like this, you can only trust a UNIQUE company to bring your dream to life. Possibly the most significant achievement in growing UNIQUE was Chris’s desire to provide customers with an authentic one-stop shopping experience. Anyone who has built a new home or renovated landscape and added a pool knows that coordinating a handful of contractors can be a full-time job. And not a pleasant one in many cases. You would hope that all contractors could remain professional at all times and work together to create the client’s dream outdoor space. But that is a rare if not extinct occurrence. Unless you are working with UNIQUE.

After earning his civil engineering degree in 1997, Chris set his sights on obtaining three Arizona Registrar of Contractors licenses. And in

2003, he received his licenses for landscape, swimming pool, and general contracting. This bold step made UNIQUE the only company in Arizona to hold the necessary licenses to complete any outdoor project its customers desired. And to complete all of the phases of the project in-house with UNIQUE employees and not subcontractors. Now customers never need to worry about lack of communication between the pool builder, the landscaper, and the crew that is building the shade structure. They are all being done by one company. So when you sign a contract with UNIQUE, you have one point of contact for the entire project. Your job superintendent runs the whole show, and you can just sit back and watch as the UNIQUE craftsmen create your personal dream outdoor living space

Added Benefits That Are Part Of
Every UNIQUE Project

Get a sneak peek at your outdoor living space with these 3D CAD drawings. And ask about taking a virtual tour of your dream outdoor living space.
From the moment you contact UNIQUE for a free consultation, you will begin to notice that everything runs more smoothly and professionally than you could have ever imagined. From scheduling the appointment with the friendly office staff to the nearly two decades of experience in the industry that our designers offer, UNIQUE sets the bar for top-quality customer service.

As you progress further into the design phase of your project, the CAD drawings and details create the true image of what has only existed in your mind. Next, these drawings go to the in-house engineer and owner, Chris Griffin, to make sure that every aspect of the project will be safe and stand the test of time. And then, when you watch the attention to detail as construction begins, you know that each UNIQUE team member is investing in turning your dream into reality.

Even after the project is completed, your relationship with the UNIQUE team will continue. Most companies can’t get out the door fast enough, once you make the final payment. But UNIQUE remains committed to providing exceptional customer service even after the job is done. You will receive reminders about your pool and landscape care and maintenance, as well as a message to check on your satisfaction with everything just before the warranties expiration date. This is just another way that UNIQUE sets itself apart from all the others and proves that there is no equal.

To learn more about the UNIQUE Companies and how you can begin the process of creating your UNIQUE outdoor living space, click here or call 480-969-1911 to schedule your free consultation.
You only go to the best when you want your negative edge pool perched high above the city. This UNIQUE project offers restore style features with all the privacy these homeowners could ask for.