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August 8, 2019
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July 16, 2019
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Khurana 1

At night, the vibrant color of the pool and spa comes alive and is complemented by the bright greens and soft palette of the hardscape features. This yard is truly a year-round piece of paradise in the Valley of the Sun.

Welcome to the Khurana Project

This Paradise Valley project was designed to take full advantage of the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living. The homeowners and their guests can relax in one of the multiple covered seating areas or choose to enjoy the sun in the uncovered seating areas. Also, the mini walls surrounding the spa function as extra seating. And when it is time for a meal, the ramada is the perfect spot for an Al Fresco experience.

The custom swimming pool includes a spacious spa that gently overflows into the pool and is flanked by gas fire features. Opposite the spa is an additional elevated feature which houses three fountains. From every living space in the yard, this pool and spa combination is a radiant blue focal point that captivates with the sight and sound of moving water. The native plants and over 5000 square feet of artificial turf provide a complement of greenery to the azure centerpiece of this outdoor living slice of paradise.

Khurana 2

Water cascades from the elevated spa into the pool and from the sheer descent features on each pillar.

Khurana 3

The jewel-like tones of the glass block on the elevated fountain sparkle as the sun begins to set. It is only a hint of the impact that this feature provides at night.

Khurana 4

The uses of various blue materials throughout the yard provide continuity. The interior of the pool, the waterline tile, the mosaic tile, and the blue glass beads all complement the earth tones of the pavers and the home.

Khurana 5

Each fire feature functions independently and is turned on and off with a key as seen here on the pillar. This increases the function and safety of the space when there are small children or pets in the yard.

Khurana 6

Native plants are used to add texture, softness, and a splash of color. The artificial turf provides a functional place for children and pets to play without the expensive and time-consuming upkeep required by natural grass.

Khurana 7

The flow of this outdoor living space flows much like the indoor living space. Each feature has its own space but is easily accessed via the travertine patio and walkway or across the artificial turf panel. Even though it is a large area, each space feels connected.

Khurana 8

This pool features a baja step with two elevated seating areas which provide the perfect vantage point to enjoy the entire yard.

Khurana 9

The pillars flanking the elevated spa are wrapped in Polished Caribbean Primera Stone and combine a sheer descent waterfall and natural gas fire feature.

Khurana 11

At night, this elevated fountain becomes a focal point as the water takes on a vibrant blue glow. The dancing fountains draw your eye out to the pool, spa, and fire features that await your attention.

Khurana 12

The outdoor kitchen features a professional-grade stainless steel BBQ with rotisserie, storage doors and drawers, a sink and umbrella stand. Not only is this the perfect place to grill, but also a great place to set up a summer buffet for guests to enjoy.

Khurana 13

At night, this outdoor living space takes on a radiant glow from the gas fire features as well as the lights inside the pool. The sound of gently moving water also adds to the peaceful tranquility of the space.

Khurana 14

This large Ramada is the perfect retreat to escape the sun and enjoy a meal. In the cooler months, heaters provide a warm retreat to enjoy the view of the pool, spa, and all of the fire and water features that they offer.