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There are many factors which should be considered when beginning a swimming pool and spa design. UNIQUE Companies has spent many years discovering the many variables in outdoor swimming pool design in Arizona. We have used this experience to create a list of design elements for our clients to consider as they begin to create their idea of the perfect pool and landscape project.



History? Have you owned a pool in the past? What elements did you like or dislike about that pool?

swimming pool designWhy? What is the primary purpose for your pool? Recreation, fitness, relaxation, use for children or only adults?

swimming pool designDo you entertain? If so, how many guests would you like to accommodate?

swimming pool designSafety Considerations – How will you protect your family from the water?

swimming pool designMaintenance Considerations – What systems are available to help you maintain your swimming pool and how much time are you willing to devote to maintaining your pool?

swimming pool designPool Design Considerations – What style, size and features are you looking for in your new swimming pool?

swimming pool designBudget Requirements – Understanding the costs of swimming pools, patios and landscaping.

swimming pool designTHINK GREEN! What eco-friendly and energy-wise solutions are available today?


There are endless possibilities when it comes to swimming pool design, but they all fall into THREE basic categories:


risingClassic (or Traditional) Pool Design

These symmetrical pools have been around since the Old World days of Rome, Greece, and Europe. Classical pool designs have stood the test of time, and display some of the best and oldest architecture in swimming pool design.




Architectural Swimming Pool Design

Architectural Swimming Pool Design

Architectural Pool Design

Architectural pools blend the architectural style of your home and the surrounding environment to create one consistent style throughout your property. This design tends to be viewed as more formal and includes long straight lines and sharp angles. They create a balance between your home and outdoor living space while providing function and a focal point for the yard.



Freeform Swimming Pool Design

Freeform Swimming Pool Design

Freeform Pool Design

Freeform pools tend to create a more relaxed atmosphere through the use of curves and smooth flowing lines. It is a more nontraditional look that you would associate with a natural pond. The shape of a freeform pool can be determined by the space available or can be custom designed to link the different features in your yard such as a patio, outdoor kitchen or lounge area. Transitioning the edges of this pool to your landscape with natural rock and stone will create the feeling of a natural oasis.



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