Negative Edge Pools
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A Mirage In The Desert.

Broaden Your Horizon With a
Stunning Negative Edge Pool.

You’ve seen them on magazine covers. Now you can have one in your own yard. Negative edge pools (or zero edge pools) create a striking effect wherein the water is at the same level as the walkway or edge. Zero edge effects are an amazing addition to spas, giving the impression that water is always flowing over the edges. You may also want your entire pool, or one side of your pool, to feature this kind of edge, in order to widen the focal view of your yard. Negative edge pools require careful engineering in order to ensure efficiency, stability, and consistent water levels. We’ve mastered the art of the negative edge pool, and we’re happy to add it to your beautiful pool redesign or original project.

negative Edge projects

Negative Edge

Redefine Your Boundaries.

Negative edge pools are a statement in the latest pool design trends. However, they don’t stand alone as the sole component of a luxury resort feeling. Integrated with your landscaping and hardscaping, along with structural elements such as feature fountains, shade structures, or an outdoor kitchen, a negative edge pool is just the icing on the cake of a total outdoor paradise.