Customer Service


Our Clients are #1!

Free initial landscape consultationCustomer service is our main focus at Unique Landscapes & Unique Custom Pools!  From initial design consultation to follow-up warranty service, we know that taking care of our clients is the key to a successful business. To maintain a good relationship with our clients, Unique emphasizes communication. Here are the guarantees for all of our clients:

Designer: Our landscape designers are the first initial contact with each of our clients. While most companies push the landscape designer to new projects after the contract, our philosophy demands them to be a part of the process from start to finish. Our clients keep in touch throughout the project with their designer – making it all the more possible to keep overall project “design” as the #1 priority! Our designers are all very affluent in email & cell phones – making it possible to touch base with them very easily, whenever you need some advise or have an issue that needs attention.

Office: Our office staff is available via phone or email from 7AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday. During this time, they can answer any questions on your project, scheduling, accounting, or warranty issues. We have an OPEN DOOR policy, which means you can come by at anytime to review your project, account, or status. Our files are your files – we have nothing to hide from our clients! After initial contract, our office puts together a “Welcome Packet” for each new client. This packet contains all aspects of your project files, from contract & design copies, welcome letter from the owner, contact information, and Unique’s Project Care recommendations (how to care for your new landscape & pool project).

Superintendent: Each project is assigned a superintendent that manages the construction activity on a daily & hourly basis. Some projects even have 2 superintendents, each assigned to their area of expertise on the job (pool or landscape). Our superintendents are extremely qualified, and have more than 5 years of experience in the fields in which they manage. Superintendents are the daily link between jobsite, office, and customer – so, each is available via phone, text or email, 24 hours a day! All superintendents have digital cameras, and document every aspect of our projects – making it very easy to have multiple levels of project supervision. These pictures create a great documentary for all of our projects, and can be released upon request.

landscape & pool company Mesa, AZOwner: Unique Companies still takes pride in being a small, family-oriented, landscape & pool company. At anytime, our owner, Chris Griffin, can be reached via email or telephone regarding your project. He loves to hear feedback on all phases of your project. If there is ever an issue that demands his professional experience or engineering background, he will be there to assist. For larger projects, it’s not uncommon for our clients to request Mr. Griffin to handle the design and project supervision. Even if Chris is not designing or managing your project, you can expect that he still manages to see every project, every installation, and every design done by Unique.

Warranty: All of our projects come backed with a written warranty that outlines our guarantees on the work we provide. Every aspect of our projects provides different lengths of guarantees, but Unique covers ALL of our projects with a 3-year workmanship warranty! This warranty covers obvious defects in workmanship on every aspect of our project – and basically takes care of any major issues that haven’t stood the test of time & “normal” wear & tear. Other examples of our excellent warranty periods:

• Lighting System (fixtures & transformers) – 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

• Pentair Pool Equipment 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

• Unique Pool “Structural Shell” Limited Lifetime Warranty

• Infloor Cleaning System (parts & materials) Lifetime Warranty

Contact us for a complete list of our company warranty policies.