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July 16, 2019
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July 2, 2019
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-The travertine patio transitions seamlessly to the swim-up pool bar and dining bar in the Ramada. The custom bar stools in the pool are capped with matching stone.

Welcome to the Williams Project

This Scottsdale outdoor living space is nothing short of spectacular. Guests might think that they are witnessing a mirage, but this luxurious pool and Ramada are very real and very breathtaking. With the mount range just beyond the property, this pool and landscape package is a private oasis surrounded by natural desert. But rather than competing with nature, the design seems to only enhance what surrounds it.

Over 1,600 square feet of travertine paver in a muted, natural tone create what feels like an extension of the indoor living space. And darker tones are brought in as accents on the pillars, fireplace, and elevated spa with stack stone. The Northshore Caribbean Satin Matrix mini pebble interior of the pool and spa, along with the glass accent tile and waterline tile, provide a sky blue glow to complete this natural color palate.

The Ramada provides almost 450 square feet of protected space that functions as a great room and offers a spectacular view. It is also home to the gas fireplace, the big-screen television, the grill, side burners, refrigerator, and fully functional sink. And when it is time to dine, guests can sit at the bar which is also accessible as a swim-up bar in the pool. There really is no reason to ever leave this backyard.

WilliamsD 2

The spa is elevated for each access and offers therapeutic jets for added relaxation after a long day. The negative edge of the spa allows for a perfect view of the water feature wall and the fire pots.

WilliamsD 3

From each vantage point in the yard, the pool and landscape add to the natural beauty but do not compete with it for your attention. This design was painstakingly created to maximize all that this amazing property has to offer.

WilliamsD 4

The fire pots at each end of the water feature wall create a unique paradox by blending fire and water into a single feature. But both elements of nature just seem to belong in this design.

WilliamsD 5

As night falls and everything outside the privacy wall becomes lost in darkness, the blue illumination of the pool and spa take center stage. Flanked by the fire pots, the water feature wall becomes the true focal point.

WilliamsD 6

This Ramada is the perfect place to spend a crisp Arizona winter evening enjoying the glow of a warm fire. Subtle inset landscape lighting illuminates the steps for safety when coming and going from this tranquil retreat.

WilliamsD 7

The bar seating in the Ramada offers some of the best views of the pool, spa, and the mountains in the distance. It is also the perfect spot to enjoy an outdoor movie or just catch up with friends and family.

WilliamsD 8

No outdoor great room is complete without a BBQ island and all of the conveniences. This simple design offers every feature that you would find indoors but with a far better view.

Williams Client supplied photo 1920

Sometimes our clients submit cool pictures they take themselves, like this beautiful one. Feel free to send us your pics.

Williams pool after snow 1920Williams pool before snow 1920

For those of you that are are visiting our lovely desert... know that it does snow out here once in a blue moon.