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July 11, 2019
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June 27, 2019
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Skadeland 1

The two lounge chairs on the Baja step are the perfect place to relax on a hot day and enjoy the beauty of this lush yard.

Welcome to the Skadeland Project

One look at this amazing Gilbert backyard, and you understand what it means to enjoy outdoor living in the Valley of the Sun to its fullest. And you instantly see the added value and importance of a skilled and experienced landscape designer. This property mimics the relaxed luxury found in many of the best resorts in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, and offers more features and amenities than some of them. 

An incredible 4500 square feet of four piece large Versailles random pattern travertine paver patio was used to create access and continuity among all of the outdoor living and entertaining spaces. These feature areas include the pool and elevated spa, a custom gas fire feature, a Ramada covered seating area, a sunken trampoline, a BBQ island, a sport court and a large turf area. And tucked amongst these various outdoor living areas are features such as gas wok pots, fountains incorporated into planters and a custom fireplace for cooler evenings. 

Skadeland 2

The Pentair Bubblers in the steps add to the interest of the pool and provide the peaceful sound of moving water.

Skadeland 3

The elevated spa provides a great view of the entire yard. The polished Sapphire Primera Stone and bullnose travertine coping make this a beautiful and luxurious place to relax.

Skadeland 4

This classic geometric pool is the centerpiece for the entire outdoor living and entertaining space in this resort like Gilbert backyard.

Skadeland 5

The fire feature offers a cozy seating area with a view of the pool and the Ramada of this very Unique backyard.

Skadeland 6

As the sun sets, the fire pit area and the 36” fire wok’s at the spa spillway add impact and become focal points from anywhere in the yard.

Skadeland 7

This gas linear fire feature is custom built and is filled with premium fireglass for its reflective qualities.

Skadeland 8

Setting the Versailles travertine pavers in a diamond pattern and adding a double soldier course created the feeling of a separate living space for this patio area.

Skadeland 9

These Gardenstone custom pots were used to create a UNIQUE water feature while still incorporating color and plant material into the patio.

Skadeland 10

As the sky darkens, the pool becomes the bright blue focal point in this amazing oasis.

Skadeland 11

As the sun sets, the both the color of the Sapphire Primira Stone pool interior and the Pentair Bubblers steal the show.

Skadeland 12

Clean lines and a very natural color palette make this large project very appealing to the eye and inviting.

Skadeland 13

At night, each feature in this yard provides a warm glow which only adds to the beauty and the ambiance of this tranquil outdoor living space in Gilbert.

Skadeland 14

The elevated spa provides a great view of the entire yard. The Ramada is a great place to relax and enjoy the fireplace on a chilly night.

Skadeland 15

At night this gas linear fire feature glows a a beautiful amber color because it is filled with premium reflective fireglass.

Skadeland 16

Kids love playing on the 15’ sunken trampoline and parents love that it is sunken into a pit making it a much safer environment without the eyesore of a large safety net.

The roughly 2000 square feet of 70 oz. American made artificial turf is home to the 15’ trampoline which is installed in a pit to create a safe play area without the need for unsightly netting. The remaining turf area provides ample space for other games and fun. The approximately 9000 square feet of natural turf, which is near the size of a youth soccer field, provides all the space needed for just about any sports field or other outdoor activity. 

This project is spectacular during the day and becomes only more intriguing at night when the dozens of strategically places low voltage lighting fixtures highlight plant material and pathways throughout this oasis. And the ambiance is enhanced day and night by the full outdoor sound system including an amplifier, two subwoofers and over half a dozen speakers. 
Clearly, the success of this project is a credit to the expertise and experience of the UNIQUE designer and the skilled craftsmen who came together to bring this dream design to reality.