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September 5, 2019
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August 8, 2019
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Shannon 1

This massive pool and spa remodel included a depth conversion of the pool as well as new interior surfacing of the pool and spa. Adding new pool equipment as well created an entirely new pool and spa for the homeowners.

Welcome to the Shannon Project

This project involved a substantial pool and spa remodel. This Paradise Valley property was the location of a dated diving pool and attached spa. The diving board was removed and the depth of the swimming pool was reduced from eight plus feet in the diving bay to a maximum depth of five feet which is more standard for a family pool. The interior of the pool was then refinished using polished Sapphire Premira Stone. The spa renovation included the construction of a spillway into the pool as well as installation of the polished Sapphire Premira Stone. 
While the renovation of the interior surface definitely makes this pool and spa combination a thing of beauty, perhaps the less noticeable changes to the pool equipment are the aspects that the owners will appreciate the most. The in floor cleaning system was upgraded to provide more efficient and complete cleaning of the pools surface. This not only reduces the energy consumption but also the amount of chemical additives needed to keep the pool clean. The installation of Pentair Intelliflo pumps, cartridge filter and heater provide the homeowner with the most efficient equipment available to maintain and heat their pool. And the Screen Logic interface allows all of the new equipment to be operated from the wireless device of the homeowners choosing or to be integrated into the home automation system. 

Shannon 2

Attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship are required to create a perfect smooth curve around this elevated spa.

Shannon 3

The spillway from the spa to the pool and the shear descent scuppers provide the tranquil sound of moving water to add to the ambiance of the outdoor living area.

Shannon 4

This beautifully remodeled pool and spa is the single feature that unifies the house, gardens, casita and Ramada on this large property.

Shannon 5

At night, the gas fireplace creates an inviting glow in the Ramada for relaxing or watching a movie. And on warm nights, the ceiling fan keeps everyone comfortable.

Shannon 6

In this design, the wall of water steals the show as if it were illuminated strings of diamonds.

Shannon 7

The warm glow of the Ramada creates the perfect retreat in the evening after a relaxing soak in the spa.

Shannon 8

As the sun sets and the pool is illuminated from within, the Wet Edge Sapphire Treasure surface comes alive with color.

Shannon 9

Even as daylight wanes, the beauty of this outdoor living space continues to radiate. The use of multiple textures in similar colors and tones adds interest without looking too bold or busy for the space.

Shannon 10
Shannon 11