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June 4, 2019
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June 3, 2019
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Ross 1

The 400 square foot Ramada is a great focal point and feature in this Queen Creek backyard. But the design also provides visual balance with the pool and additional elevated patio flanking the sides of this outdoor living room.

Welcome to the Ross Project

This complete backyard design includes an outdoor kitchen and dining space, a covered outdoor entertaining space, an elevated sun deck, a magnificent pool and spa combination, and plenty of play space for the family. Now the space is as functional as the areas inside their home, but with the added benefit of enjoying the beauty and mild climate that the Valley offers year round.

The addition of over 1200 square feet of travertine patio created several living spaces on multiple levels for separation and the best use of the available space. Flowing much like an open floor plan home, these living spaces are clearly defined with fixtures and furniture, but are also in relatively close proximity for continuity. And when there are large groups of guests, the space easily accommodates everyone without a feeling of separation or overcrowding.

The clean lines and angles make this visually appealing and a very functional use of space. The addition of multiple fire features and subtle lighting add to the interest and appeal at night while also providing added safety for foot traffic and access to the pool and spa. With all of the comforts of home and an amazing view, these homeowners have created a staycation oasis right in their own backyard.

Ross 2

The elevated spa wall is covered with radiant blue glass tile to add to its beauty as well as its function and accessibility. The interior is polished Midnight Breeze Primera Stone, and the package is completed with a variety of therapeutic jets for the ultimate place to relax after a hard day.

Ross 3

Even though the design is asymmetric, the use of three fire bowls and three scupper style waterfalls is very pleasing to the eye. The contrast of the blue tile and the natural stone wall increase the interest and the impact of these Unique features.

Ross 4

The elevated patio provides the perfect place to relax in the sun during the day or find solitude in the evening by the glow of the fire pit. Low voltage lighting is added to each stair riser for added safety at night.

Ross 5

A glimpse inside the Ramada reveals that it is as well appointed as most great rooms. This space houses the BBQ area as well as a great entertainment space and a ceiling fan and lights make it perfect for use during the daytime or at night.

Ross 6

Stacked stone is used throughout the project to provide continuity and to add a more natural or rustic feel. The same colors, but in more muted tones, can be found in the travertine patio tile as well.

Ross 7

-When it is time for the kids to burn off some energy, the sunken 15-foot trampoline and over 2000 square feet of natural grass provide the perfect safe play area. The separation from the seating area still allows parents to see the children at play while they relax and enjoy the space.