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June 21, 2019
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June 6, 2019
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Jarvie 1

The fireplace for this property needed to be something very spectacular to rival the already breathtaking view of the mountains. Large Cantera stone columns and UNIQUE shapes were incorporated into the fireplace to create this one of a kind look.

Welcome to the Jarvie Project

The Jarvie Project started out as a pool and spa remodel and turned into an entire backyard redesign. A baja step and water scupper features were added to the pool as well as beautiful waterline tile. The spa was rebuilt and raised and covered with gorgeous glass tile. Travertine paver patios throughout the entire backyard. Incredible fireplace underneath the pergola.

The pergola alone is a work of art with Cantera Stone columns. The landscape was redesigned with artificial grass and desert plants and cactus and lush trees strategically placed around the backyard. There is also an amazing low voltage lighting system that lights up the entire backyard in the evening. And last but not least the amazing new BBQ island made with Saltillo tile.

Jarvie 2

With the entire back of the house made of large panes of glass, this outdoor living space is the focal point even when indoors.

Jarvie 3

As the sun fades and the moon appears, the yard begins to take on a second persona.

Jarvie 4

This pergola offers plenty of shaded seating without blocking any of the view of the mountains or the rest of the features of this yard.

Jarvie 5

The view from the pergola can’t be beat. Splashes of color from the desert plant palette pop against the natural backdrop.

Jarvie 6

Even though the bar area is removed from the pool and spa, there is still a good view of the other living area and a feeling of unity for the entire living space.

Jarvie 7

Travertine pavers are the perfect solution for decking near a pool. The color is neutral and allows for a broad color palette from other design features.

Jarvie 8

Soft lighting begins to appear to guide guests through this paradise at night. Lights inset in the travertine steps provide just enough light for safety.

Jarvie 9

The pool begins to take on an entirely new appearance as it is lit from within. The water now appears to be shades of aqua much like that of the Caribbean Sea.

Jarvie 10

Desert plants add a wide array of colors and textures to the landscape without creating a need for excessive watering.

Jarvie 11

Nothing could be more inviting than enjoying this exquisite backyard under a full moon.