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May 22, 2019
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Daroczy 1

The clean lines of the pool and travertine pavers make this oasis very pleasing to the eye and relaxing to the senses. The artificial turf panels provide a visual softness and add a splash of green to complement the pool and travertine hues.

Welcome to the Daroczy Project

This Mesa project offers resort-style outdoor living at its best. In fact, some of the features that this family enjoys are not even provided in the most elite resorts in Scottsdale and Palm Springs. And on top of all of this comfort, luxury, and beauty, these homeowners enjoy all of these features in complete privacy and tranquility. From the Alumawood pergola that provides shade at the BBQ island and dining area to the magnificent lounge areas, this backyard oasis is truly paradise in Mesa, Arizona.

While this is not a massive space, the UNIQUE design team worked their magic to ensure that every inch of the area has been put to use elegantly. The simple and clean lines of the geometric pool and the symmetric water feature wall are pleasing to the eye and create visual balance as well as the gentle sound of moving water. The 3-piece mini-Versailles travertine pavers throughout provide a feeling of continuity and serve to give the illusion of more space than the 775 square feet that was installed. And the icing on the cake is the 8-foot long sheer rain waterfall that is located atop the pergola. And at night, the entire space comes alive thanks to the professionally installed low voltage lighting system.

Daroczy 2

This property enjoys multiple relaxation areas with comfy chaise lounge chairs, as well as on the Baja shelf in the pool and in the dining area. Each area has a purpose and can feel secluded without being too far from the pool and other amenities.

Daroczy 3

The water feature wall serves as the backdrop for the pool area, as well as adding a bit of visual distinction with the blue glass tile mosaic. The four copper scuppers create just enough gray noise to make you forget that there are neighbors around.

Daroczy 4

The sheer rain waterfall on top of the pergola provides the illusion of separation without causing the dining area to feel isolated. And it ties in well with the scuppers on the pool wall.

Daroczy 5

The waterline tile is a continuation of the glass tile mosaic from the water feature. The stacked stone on the pergola pillars ties into the pillars in the water feature wall.

Daroczy 6

As the sun sets, the sheer rain waterfall creates a mesmerizing pattern on the pool water. The water droplets glisten like diamonds as they make their way to the pool.

Daroczy 8

At night, the pool glows like a giant aquamarine gemstone, and the world beyond the wall of up lit trees begins to disappear.

Daroczy 9

From inside the pergola, the wall of water doesn’t block the view of the yard. But it does provide a sense of separation and intimacy to the space.

Daroczy 10

If the sheer rain feature is not turned on, guests would never suspect that there was a water feature installed on the top of the pergola. It is a very low profile feature that adds a fantastic amount of impact to this design.

Daroczy 11

Not only does the sheer rain look cool, but it offers a bit of shelter from the heat of a Phoenix summer day. Working much like a mister system, the rain feature keeps the seating area cool and relaxing.